Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Bully Helps a Cat

Heros are Born, Not Man-made

Pit Bulls are more often a hero then a villain. Unfortunately, negative stories despite how few, tend to spread faster than a story like "Jack the Pit Bull that saved a cat from two coyotes". Bully Breeds tend to be sensitive and come to the aid of the underdog, even a cat, the dogs' natural enemy.

Jack is a beautiful Pit Bull that had ran after two coyotes one evening that had the outdoor house cat in a death grip. Jack, the Pit Bull placed his life in danger to rescue a family member is typical of any Bully breed. My Bullies take care of all members of my house as well. For example, Sir. Duke easily comes to Bojangles side if one of the larger dogs decides to pick a fight with Bojangles. The Bullies natural protective instincts protect the weak and defenseless.

My Bullies live with several cats, more then any Bully should. No matter if the cats are fighting among each other or warding off a stranger, such as a racoon, Sir. Duke and Bojangles comes running to the cats rescue. The cats appear to have a love hate relationship with the Bullies.The cats love the bullies for protections and care. Yet, they hate when the Bullies try to use them as chew toys. Bullies are great at caring for a injured family member and show love with passion. Yet, they sometimes lack the grace of a cat and forget the cats do not care to wrestle and to be slobbered from head to toe. 

Jack, the Pit Bull acts as the cat's’ caretaker after the cat is returned home from the vet is also normal behavior of a Bully. The Bullies are gentle naturally when they need to have a soft touch. The same as Jack, Sir. Duke is a Bully that insist on taking care of the cats in times of need.

Sir. Duke is the first to know if a cat is injured at my house. He appears to keep his eye on the whole pack, dog, chicken, or cat. Sir. Duke was quick to see one of the twin cats had come home with a hurt leg. Whenever possible for weeks, Sir. Duke would sniff and clean the wounded legg until the cats leg healed. Sir. Duke is a typical bully that enjoys caring for all family members of the household as well as being cared for by Kujo. Sir. Duke is a typical Bully that has strong faith he is the boss and will care for the family best. 
Please kiss me, I need your love!
Sir. Duke begs Kujo for face and neck kisses.

Thank you for my kisses, more kisses please
Kujo kisses Sir. Duke's face. Sammy just wants to get pass the boys :)

You must get pass me!
Sir. Duke with one of the twin cats in the background on the cat tower.

He wants to play with you!
Bojangles ensuring Fancy happiness.

cat and dog snuggles is breaking the rules
Sir. Duke cuddles with Deja Vu

Don't hold back, you know you want a kiss!
Don't hold me back, you need a kiss!

Life is great when you take the time to snuggle!
Sir. Duke (behind me) and Peppers (the cat on top of me) enjoys to snuggle with me while Sugars or Creamy (the cats) cuddling above us.

All is good when you have love around you!
From left to right, Angle, Sir. Duke, Fancy, the twin and Deja Vu Cuddled with Ryan while watching a movie.
Bullies are excellent at taking naps, keeping me warm when I am sick, hurt, feeling under weather, or simply wanting to have a lazy day. Next time you do not feel good, or have a day to snuggle with a good book or moive, consider snuggling with a warm, loving Bully.

Please take a moment, comment below, and tell us a time when you knew a Bully in which did an act of kindness to another life without a reward. 

Jack is a hero. Click the link below to see full story on video.


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