Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Snuggle Day Required

Hold Me, Please!

please snuggle with me all day
Sir. Dukes loves to cuddle with Bojangles.

Every day is a new opportunity  for a Bully to snuggle. In fact, Bullies have a high need to cuddle. Snuggling is one of  the several methods to deepen the bond, respect, and love with a Bully.

Bullies are caring animals. A Bully easily bonds with people and other animals with love. Also, Bullies are sensitive to cold and extreme heat. Typically, Bullies favor heat. They love to cuddle the day away, especially when the weather is cool.
I am safe in my blanket
Bojangles snuggling inside a blanket on the couch.
On cold days, sometimes the bullies enjoy cuddling under a blanket solo. I have noticed Bojangles prefers to have his head out of the blanket. Sir. Duke is satisfied to have his whole body covered for hours. Also, Sir. Duke enjoys tucking his head under me while we cuddle. Sometimes the boys love snuggling on my feet while I work.

I have been told that Sir. Duke' and Bojangles' desire to lay on my feet and lap is a sign of separation anxiety. Bojangles had an abusive background and was given away. So, I am not surprised that he has issues of being left alone. However, Sir. Duke is simply a typical spoiled Bully that does not care to be without his momma. He can have another family member home, yet Sir. Duke reveals he does not like me gone in other manners, such as protesting food and treats.

The best part of my morning is you
Sir. Duke cuddles with me while Bojangles nestles below us on the foot stool.

Despite Sir. Duke weighing one-hundred pounds, one of his favorite snuggle position is laying across my lap. Sir. Duke was born to cuddle.The family that raised him until he was about six weeks old cuddle with him day and night. If I do not hold him, Sir. Duke holds me.

Please, we are trying to sleep
Bojangles sneaks in a cuddle!

Snuggling with Bojangles is a treat. Bojangles was not allowed to snuggle with his first family. When I asked where he slept at night, the family had no answer other than "he does not sleep with me, there is not enough room on the bed for both of us". As a result, Bojangles does not always cuddle all night. I can see in Bojangles that he wants to cuddle. Bojangles will have a sad look and tries to find a spot near Sir. Duke to snuggle with me. Yet, Sir. Duke is a momma's baby that does not give away cuddle space too often.

A snuggle day is required for both man and beast. A day to hold each other and recharge sometimes is necessary. Life is short and moves too fast. So, give five more minutes to snuggle and appreciate the joys of life.

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