Friday, March 25, 2016

A Sweet Girl in Need of a Home

 Mandy Needs a Safe Home
I need a home, please take me with you
Contact Riverside California SPCA To Adopt Mandy at  (951) 358-7387, ID #A1260689, Picture of Mandy owned by Riverside, Califonia  SPCA
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Mandy has been in the animal shelter long enough that the California SPCA has placed her on death row without a crime committed. Please check out her story and pass her information to find a family that Mandy deserves. Let's find her a home, so she can have a sweet life that is sweet and loving as Mandy. 

Everyone wants a puppy, yet the best dogs are the ones that we rescue from death. I have adopted a dog from the California SPCA in 2004 that was on death row. He too had a rough start as Mandy. Today he is twelve years old and still grateful for a life outside of the shelter. The best dogs are found in the back of the shelter waiting for death.

I have five dogs, the ones I have rescued are easier to train, well behaved and are willing to do anything for a little respect, kindness and love. Often times the shelter staff works with the animals, so basic training such as sit, lay down or potty outside is already established. Mandy will most likely be a well trained dog when adopted, since the shelter staff has spent quality time teaching her basic training skills and positive social interactions. Plus, Mandy will spend her whole life being grateful to whomever rescues her.

Please open your heart to an animal in need when looking to add another loving family member. Spread the word about Mandy. Call (951) 358-7387, ID #A1260689 if you are interested in Mandy or want to plead with the SPCA to give her more time or time to find a temporary foster family.

Remember, always ask about the dogs and puppies that are on death row when you want to adopt a dog. Do not be surprised when you see full blood valuable breeds and puppies on death row. Animals shelters are not always filled with mutts, sometimes we can find our dream dog while making a dog's dream come true.

Let's Save Mandy! Contact Riverside SPCA at (951) 358-7387, ID #A1260689 to find out what you can do to help Mandy. 

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