Friday, March 25, 2016

Becareful What Article You Endorse

Pit Bulls in the News!
People are attracted to the dark aspect of life. So, advertiser utilizing negative stories such as stories about Pit Bull went bad to increase traffic and sales does not surprise nor shock me. What surprises me when we try to help and protect the Pit Bull breed by commenting back positively to counteract a negative story we are in reality supporting additional negative campaigns against the Pit Bulls. 

The ads and articles that we should be commenting on and re-posting are the positive stories. What society feeds into grows. The only true method to help Pit bull breeds is to ignore the negative stories and focus our efforts on the stories about how Pit Bulls benefit society.   

Even though I made a promise not to blog a negative story regarding any Bully breeds on, I failed to realize when I try to comment a good comment on a negative story on FaceBook or any social media I was breaking my rule. Please check out the blog on Huffington Post. Chris White's article "Pit Bull Lovers: Think Before You Click" helped me to understand that all comments on a negative story regardless for or against a Pit Bull encourages negative actions against the breed. 

Please take the time to read Chris Write's article from Huffington Post and spread the word to click wisely.

"Pit Bull Lovers: Think Before You Click"

Laugh out loud
"There are some good funny stories about Pit Bulls", says Bojangles

please protect me
"Please, stop clicking on negative stories and adds about Pit Bulls, my species is in danger!", says Bojangles.

Take a closer look, surprise its me
"Always take another closer look before re-posting a article," says, Sir. Duke. "Please", says Bojangles.

For the Love of Pit Bulls and all Bully breeds, please consider who you want to promote before you click on the next article.

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