Thursday, March 31, 2016

Big Heart, Big Love

How Big will you Grow?
The baby's first pool
Sir. Duke first summer with us, 2014 a handful of months old. 
Small beginnings have large outcomes!

how much will my baby grow

Sir. Duke 31 March 2016, two years old, and one more year to grow. 

Sir. Duke loved his first pool all summer in 2014. He learn a big lesson at the end of the season that if he bites the pool the pool is thrown away.  Sir. Duke is very smart and learns lessons quickly. Plus, he does not care to go without his pool, even when the temperature drops to freezing levels.

Sir. Duke had to wait until the season of pool selling was available for the summer of 2015. As you see in the above picture he is still enjoying the same pool for the second spring. Sir. Duke enjoys his pool all year, even in the winter. I wish I could find him a bigger pool without the slide. No matter the size, having a pool all year is what makes Sir. Duke happy.

Some winters can be cold in Texas, yet most days are warm and humid. Typically any temperature over fifty degree Fahrenheit Sir. Duke will splash in his pool. I know, being warm in the fifties and sixties seems impossible. Trust me, in the south, low temperature can feel warm. Also, Bullies are sensitive to the humidity no matter how cool the temperature.

The funny aspect is Sir. Duke hates taking a bath. He acts as if he is being tortured for unjust reasons. I have not given him a bath since he was about three months old, due to poison ivy he found in the back yard. Yes, Bullies are very sensitive to poison oak and ivy. The Bully breed can break out the same as humans and pass the rash in the same method, with a simple touch. So, typically as soon as one of the other dogs get a bath, Sir. Duke does his Bully best at hiding. Yet, he is always willing to jump in a pool, river or lake. He can swim back and forth for hours in a lake, yet he cannot spend a second with a hose or in a bathtub filled with water. I have not brought him to the ocean, yet I bet he will jump into the ocean before he takes a bath.
Look at the boy swim
Sir. Duke dives to get his face cool, while Bojangles sneaks a drink. 

Bojangles is not a swimmer. I am hoping to teach him this spring or summer. When I take the boys to the lake, Bojangles stays on the shore watching Sir. Duke from a safe distance.

Today's temperature is seventy-seven degree Fahrenheit. We just got back from learning how to walk on the leash without pulling. Bullies natural instincts is to pull, so learning to go against the basic instincts has been a challenge.  Also, I must teach them to walk without each other, in which they hate. In an ideal world I could walk all my dogs at the same time yet,  in the city there are too many dangerous distractions.
Sir. Duke is very happy, look at his smile that reaches ear to ear. Bojangles gets a drink of Sir. Duke soup.

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