Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Each Breath of Life is a Gift

A hug a Day is Required

Every day, Bojangles and Sir. Duke reminds me that each breath of life is a true gift. A hug a day is required to start a fresh brand new day and at the end of the day. Also, the Bullies remind me every dog no matter of the breed that is born is unique. Each new dog of any breed that is born serves a purpose while offering something valuable and different to humanity.

Sir. Duke and Bojangles are not picky who will hug and kiss them. The two bullies will kiss and hug each other. Even the cats are not safe from a Bully hug and kiss when needed. Sir. Duke loves kisses so much, he begs Kujo to kiss him daily, despite kujo's grumpy mood and threats of attack. Of course Kujo kissing Sir. Duke is Kujo fault, because he has kissed Sir. Duke since he was six weeks old. Duke will be two years old at the end of March 2016.
let's Cuddle
Sir Duke Hugs and Kisses Bojangles While Angel Watches

Kiss me now
Bojangles when I kiss him. 
No your breath smells bad
Sir. Kissing Despite Ryan Not Wanting to Kiss.

Bully breeds are passionate. A Bully could spend the whole day in a hug or kiss. So, take a moment and stop and hug a Bully. Also, take a break from the business of life, appreciate a Bully and each breath of life, they are both gifts with no repeats.  

Hugs can be sweet with legs
Sir. Duke Takes hugs in all forms.

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