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Exciting Updates:Hidden Monsters

Scary Monsters that Live in the Heart By Eve Hoffman

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
You are my hero.  I am bless to share life and every breath with you!!
You are my hero.
I am bless to share life and every breath with you!!

Updated 11/16/16

Yesterday, Bojangles and I went to the clinic and got his supply of Heart Guard. Also, Bojangles received his yearly and every three year vaccinations.

The exciting news is Bojangles has been cleared to take daily walks. Bojangles is now allowed to take small ten minute walks daily. The only requirement is to make sure the weather is 70 degree Fahrenheit or below. According to the Vet tech, most problems occur with the weather is warm when the dog is on heart worm treatment and shortly after treatment. The warm weather above 70 degree Fahrenheit causes the immune system, as well as the heart to work harder.

Now that Bojangles is one day shy from finishing his treatment, the risk of sudden death is very small to non. Also, Bojangles is maintaining his weight. Most people when they see Bojangles do not know he had heart worms or is on treatment. Even the Clinic I take him becomes confused and have to look for his records. They say he improved and gain health faster then they have ever seen. I wonder if it is because of the fresh and raw foods I feed him. He has had a few moments of being very tired, as well as look as if he did not feel good. Not sure if Bojangles's spells of not feeling well was due to Bojangles growing or the heart worm treatment. I do know when Bojangles first started his treatment he would cough when he over exerted himself. Yet, according to his vet the heart worms or treatment was not the cause of the cough. The cough was a from his bronchitis he had when I first rescued Bojangles.

I have found through research to prevent parasite fresh and raw food is best. Also, adding fresh garlic as well keeps the parasite, fleas and mosquitoes off of the dogs. Brewer's East is always great to add to the meals. However, since I feed my dogs fresh raw chicken, cooked organ meat, as well as eggs along with fruits and veggies they do not require extra B vitamins. All the vitamins and minerals are within the fresh and raw food. Also, the dogs have plenty of protein. Protein is also in the garlic I give them, as well as the meat and veggies.

My plans is to take adventures and walks slow with Bojangles. My goal is to take him on a walk minimum of once a week to start. Today we are off to go on an adventure to resupply the dogs meat. Also, we are planning to collect some free tennis balls. Stay tuned for tomorrows article to learn the secret to finding free tennis balls that are new to slightly used.  I have found free toys are always best for the dogs, as long as they are safe and clean.

Have a great day. Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love and Devotion to spread animal awareness and education, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Leave a question or comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Do you have a furry loved one that is facing heart worm treatment? Do you know someone that is facing the hard choice of what treatment to rid the heart worms? Needs some tips or simply moral support? Let me know what you need and I will be happy to help.

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Updated 11/12/16
monster that are hidden in the heart
Heart Worms (Image provided by

We are very happy and excited to report Bojangles's treatment is almost over. We only have four more days of treatment remaining. Bojangles next exam to see if the heart worm treatment worked is February 15, 2016.

So far Bojangles has gained 45 pounds on his treatment. His last check up he gain a pound. Also, look as if Bojangles is maintaining his weight. He is very playful. Bojangles has a appetite that appears endless. I hope with all the healthy signs means Bojangles has won the battle of the heart worm and now is free.

In a few weeks we can start taking adventures. Of course, going on adventures has been limited for the past year, so we must take small outings. Going out for a short adventure tires Bojangles easily. I am hoping that will change when he is no longer on the heart worm treatment.

Every morning Bojangles and I wake and greet the day. Also, every day I thank Bojangles for the gift of life and allowing me to share every great and not so great moments with him.

One of our favorite moments is waking and stretching, while kissing. Enjoy each present moment, every breath and heartbeat is truly a gift.

Caring is sharing. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animal awareness, while helping to find homes for dogs in need.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind.

Bully Love & Devotion Notes: 06/16/16: Bojangles visit the vet yesterday to get more medicine.He gained a little over 13 pounds. He weighs now 69.8 pounds. The vet said he is doing great. I did not share with the vet that I do take him out to the lake once a month. I figure he was happy with Bojangles progress, so why rock the boat. The Vet said Bojangles's heart sounded good, he looked good, and to keep up the good work with Bojangles.

Bojangles is still getting fresh food with lots of liver and chicken with veggies. Sometimes, we give him lamb and eggs. Bojangles is starting to enjoy eating the veggies, he cleans his plate. Now, fruit, he is still working on liking. He loves blueberries.

Original Post 
When I first rescued Bojangles he was underweight, underfed and dehydrated. When I had Bojangles tested for parasite, he had roundworms and heart worms. According to research I discovered, a well fed and cared for dog has the ability to fight parasites from within, due to a well balanced immune system (Dr. Thomason). Proper food and water would had allowed Bojangles the power to fight off the hidden monster.
living life with the monsters
Bojangles waiting patiently for food.
Picture taken by April Eve Hoffman 

I have had a variety of large dogs, mainly bullies, over the past thirty years. I have never had known such a terrible case of parasite. Perhaps my dogs have never had parasite, because I have always provided my dogs with fresh chicken, eggs, brewer's yeast, garlic and natural foods made with real meat, fruits, and veggies. I had not understood the diet I provided allowed the dogs’ immune system to kill off any unwanted parasites, until I decided to care for Bojangles. Also, I have learn that my dogs do not have problems with fleas, because of their daily diet and monthly topical flea treatment. A well balance diet is a key factor in healing and preventing future health problems and parasites.

Even though Bojangles had a rough start and had been neglected in his diet for the first year or so of his life, he has a good chance of recovering from the hidden monsters with a better diet and treatment due to his young age. The fresh eggs, brewer’s yeast, chicken meat and bones provide the vitamin B and minerals he needs for his immune system that dry dog food does not offer. The garlic provides protein and protects the heart. Also, garlic is a natural antibiotic that will help fight off the parasite, while Bojangles undergoes traditional treatment.

I would have preferred a natural heartworm treatment. Yet, I could not discover a treatment that had trusted results. Holistic treatment appears to prevent heartworms. Appears research has not proven natural treatments rids the parasite that are inside the heart (Skeptvet). Therefore, the treatment Bojangles is undergoing is traditional treatment in which is consider a slow kill. Bojangles will be on the treatment for one year. He will have a total of four check-ups. The treatment includes Heartgard, Doxycycline, and Prednisone. According to Bojangles vet, he needs extra protein and vitamin B when undergoing treatment. Also, to meet Bojangles health needs during treatment, I provide cottage cheese and yogurt a few times a week. I have giving yogurt to my dogs for years. According to most vets I have known say yogurt is great for the digestive system and can prevent stomach bloat that is common in large dogs. I give all my dogs yogurt a few times a week as a treat. Fresh water, daily meals and treats are important to maintaining a healthy dog that is capable of fighting parasite before the development of an infestation.

According to research and personal experience to maintain a healthy dog, a adult dog should be fed twice a day and a puppy under six months a few times daily, depending on needs (Cesars). Bullies specially need multiple meals to maintain healthy muscle mass. The younger the Bully, more meals needed. Even if the amount of food is small, the dog's feed should be broken into two meals, because the dog's body can only absorb a certain amount of the needed nutrition in one meal. For example, Bojangles is eating about four cups of food a day. He gets roughly two cups in the morning and evening. Since, Bojangles has been on a steady diet he has gain weight weekly. I have found feeding my adult dogs twice a day helps them gain healthy mass while maintaining healthy weight. Also, a healthy diet is one of several methods of prevention.

One of the best prevention of parasites is a healthy diet daily that meets the dogs' needs. Each breed is different. For example, all dogs need protein and vitamin B, yet Bullies need an extra amount to maintain energy and muscle tone. Parasite including mosquitoes and fleas do not bite a well fed dog. So, one of the secrets to keeping the hidden monsters away is best to start a puppy on a natural or holistic diet that fits the breed's needs, also boosting the dog's immune system. Standard store pet foods does not offer a balance diet.

Research reveals heartworms has been around since the creation of dogs (Standford University). In recent years more dogs have been dying from heartworms. Also, research reveals one of the cause of the deaths is the process pet foods ( Dr. Thomason). I agree the leading cause of the heartworms is poor diet. Today’s commercial dry dog foods does not contain quality ingredients that meet a dog's nutritional needs. Natural or holistic dry dog food and table scraps is best to maintain a healthy immune system.

Bojangles is about thirty days into his treatment. He weighed sixty pounds five days before treatment started on the 15th of February. Bojangles weight gain has been visible all month. I am excited to see how much mass he will gain when Bojangles has his next check-up in June. There is a high risk of sudden death for Bojangles during and shortly after the traditional treatment. As the treatment kills the heartworm, the worm's body breaks off into segments and over-time absorbs into the dog's body. If the dog is active a piece of the worm could pass through the heart to fast, blocking a valve, causing the heart to seize and the dog to die. As a protective measure, the dog is not permitted to play with other dogs, take a walk, run, jump, or swim. Yet, following the rules has been a difficult task for Bojangles and Sir. Duke. Also, Bojangles enjoys waking-up and breaking as many rules as possible. Of course, at the end of the day, rules are meant to be broken. Since Bojangles has started treatment, he has gone to a lake once and playing with Sir. Duke daily is a must. Bojangles must live before he dies. Each day Bojangles reminds me how life is a gift and must be lived to the fullest. Please follow Bully Devotion with Bojangles on his adventure of getting rid of the hidden monsters while living life. Also, learn how Bojangles breaks the rules of treatment by playing with Sir. Duke and Kujo.
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