Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Homemade Food

Fresh Food, Please!
Even the greatest can be picky
Sir. Duke, "Is that all?"

hand fed leads to close bonds
Sir. Duke loves to eat from a spoon.

My dogs prefer homemade food. The ingredients of canned dog food can be questionable. Freshly prepared dog food at home is less expensive and the quality of the food is better. Also, homemade food can satisfy the pickiest.

My pickiest eaters are teased over a 24-hour-period as the Chicken delight cooks. The dogs become excited and eager to eat. Of course, the dogs would love to simply have meat, yet for a well balance diet I start with a basic base.

A good fresh dog food starts with a base. There are several types of base foods to choose. My dogs prefer sweet potatoes, carrots and peas. The choices of meat depend on availability and budget. Choices of meats are chicken, turkey, fish, venison, lamb and beef. Because of the vitamin b, chicken and turkey are recommended.

I cook my dogs a twenty-four-hour chicken delight. I place the ten-pounds of chicken in a slow-cooker that is capable of holding a large turkey. I fill the cooker with hot water. I cook the chicken on high (350-400 degree Fahrenheit) for the first twelve hours. Next, I set the slow-cooker on low (about 200-250 degree Fahrenheit) for the another twelve hours. The last couple of hours, I add the chopped vegetables. I will increase the slow-cooker temperature to bring to a boil after adding in the vegetables if needed. Also, I add water throughout the 24-hours as needed. Furthermore,  I leave in the bones. The bones are safe and extremely soft in wich can be smashed between two fingers. The dogs enjoy the bones and are healthy.

Chicken Delight

Cost: Roughly $14.00 a week, $2.00 a day for five dogs (pricing can be lower depending on sales)

Feeds: Five dogs for one week.

Serving Size: A few heaping tablespoons to a one tablespoon mixed in dry food, depending on the requirements of the dog.

Chicken with bones: 10 lbs

Sweet potatoes: 6 large

Carrots: 2 lbs

Peas: 2 frozen 1 lbs bags

The chicken and bones offer vitamins and minerals in which dry dog food cannot provide. The sweet potatoes and carrots add an enzyme to help with digestion. The peas provide vitamins and minerals.

Sometimes I add oatmeal and brown rice. I prefer to buy fresh foods, since the better ingredients offer more food, as well as better quality.

I have found buying fresh meat over frozen is best. The fresh meat appears to give more meat. The frozen meat appears to be more ice than meat. For example, when I purchased a ten-pound bag of frozen chicken, the meat filled part of the slow-cooker (normally fills the whole cooker). Also, after the chicken was cooked, I only had half the servings as I would have with fresh chicken. Perhaps, the chicken is weighed frozen is one of the reasons I bought more water than chicken. Buying fresh is a better value no matter the price on frozen meat.

The best method to save money is to stock the freezer with fresh meats that is on sale. Each week most grocery stores plan sales on meat to attract customers. Typically, chicken will be on sale once a month.  Also, clearance meat that must be cooked in a day is a great buy.

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