Thursday, March 24, 2016

Love Bites

Were There is Fur, There are Fleas!

Kills the fleas not the dog
Where there is life and grass a flea can be found. There are as many methods to treat for fleas as there are pet owners around the world. The approach to treat fleas on pets, throughout the home, and around the outside of the house is a personal choice from natural to comericial products.

Throughout the past thirty years I have tried several products from natural to conventional. The best method I have found depends on the season and how difficult eliminating the fleas are within the season.   

Fleas are alive all year. Also, fleas cause health problems, such as hot spots. Some season fleas are less or more depending on location, moister and temperature. Also, after an adult flea lays the eggs, the flea infestation starts in thirty days. The best treatments include breaking the thirty day egg cycle.

The treatment I use for my dogs depends on my dogs needs. For my long hair dogs, I use a monthly tropical treatment. For my Bullies, I rub essential oils on them, such as cedar wood and citronella. I spray the house once a month with a pet freindly chemical. Also, I add garlic and Brewer's east  to my dogs' meals to repel the fleas from internal. I use animal safe products when I spray my front and back yard monthly . I found buying my yard spray at the hardware store is best in price and quality. 
having a lazy day is needed
Kojo, he has thick fur and undercoat. Tropical treatment is best for him.

Natural oils is best for this sweet girl
Sammy, she has thick soft hair. Tropical treatment and essential oils are best for her. The essentials oils, such as lavender, help her hot spots.

getting old is not easy
Angel, he has long flat hair. Tropical treatment is best for him.
please help me scratch my itches
Sir. Duke and Bojangles has thin, short, flat hair, essentials oils is best for the boys. 
Bathing the pets is also another method to treat fleas. I personally do not wash my dogs unless they absolutely need a bath. Dogs have natural oils that help keep them clean and protect them from bugs. Therefore, I would only wash my pets once to twice a year when needed and apply a tropical treatment monthly. I would recommend a gentle baby shampoo if bathing is needed.

Fleas are killed when any type of soap makes contact. I would start with a gentle shampoo made for humans babies and increase the soap strength as needed.

Another treatment I will sometimes apply to my dog is a mix of vinegar and water. I mix fifty percent warm water and white or apple cidar vinegar. I rinse the dogs from head to toes. The water and vinegar washes the dogs clean without stripping important oils, while repelling fleas and mosquitoes. After the dog's coat dries, the fur is left smelling fresh. Until the fur dries, the dog does indeed smell like a wet dog and vinegar. In which any good dog lover knows the odor does not always smell yummy. Essentials oils, such as cinnamon can be added to the mix to help the fur smell better. The bonus is the cinnamon also repels fleas.

So, love can bite sometimes when our love ones have a living fur coat. There are several flea treatments that are safe and effective to maintain the coat and ridding the fleas. The choice depends on the dogs needs.   

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