Friday, March 18, 2016

Love Inspired

Bully Love

Bullies are one of the best service dogs. A Bully will naturally sacrifice to ensure the safety and health of the pack. As a result of my bullies' love and support, making better choices, eliminating bad habits has become a focus in my life. 

I have been struggling to quit smoking cigarettes for more than twenty years. I would find a motivation and within seconds find a reason to smoke. Recently, I have become aware my dogs need me healthy, as much as I need them. My Bullies do not allow a sick day. 

please do not smoke
Bully # 1 Rule

Taking care of my dogs is a daily task. I have become aware my Bullies would be at risk of having no one to care for the pack if I was to become ill. Therefore, making healthier choices, and eliminating bad habits, especially smoking cigarettes, has become easier with the encouragement of my Bullies.

Someone is smoking, hide
Bojangels' habit of hiding under the bed in the evenings.

I am not coming out until you put the smoke out
Sir. Duke. Yes, you can!
Sometimes in life I need more than self-centred purposes to change my old dog habits. I never want my poor choices to cause harm or dishearten my dogs. My dogs’ priorities are to protect me. Therefore, as a leader I must consider my pack suffers with all my good or bad choices. I will chose the better things in life that brings a value to my dogs and I. 

I do not want to disappoint my Bullies. Therefore, I shall protect my bullies by making better choices within each breath of life I am blessed, and with every step I take. I will overcome my cigarette habit. Also, I will focus on my Bullies' love that inspires me daily to chose a healthy life.


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