Friday, March 11, 2016

Secret to dealing with Kujo's Temper.


Understanding the Bully is Not Always at Fault.

Sweet angels are with us
Angel (Almost 12 years old)

He has a sweet smile. He loves family!
Kujo (about 8 years old)

Last Night around midnight, I was awaken to Kujo attacking my oldest dog Angel. Both Angel and Kujo are rescue dogs. I rescued Angel from the Fresno, California dog shelter when he was almost six months old April of 2004.He will be twelve years old November 2016. Kujo, I saved when living in Waco, Texas when he was about four months old, the summer of 2009. Kujo will be about eight years old this 2016 winter. Both Kujo and Angle come with their own special story, habbits and fears. 

Angel is a Irish Setter and Labrador Mix. He weighs about ninety-seven pounds. When I found Angel he had been in and out of a dog shelter since he was six weeks old and had been scheduled for euthanasia. He was silent and eager to please. As a result of being rejected a few times by different families, Angel has a extreme need for love that seems to be unsatified and hates to be alone. He constantly follows and lays within touching distance. Sir Duke cares for Angel's ears and jumps to his rescue, especially when Kujo appears to attack for with no purpose.

Kujo is a German shepard Mix. We speculate he has Chow Chow in his blood. He has the ill-temperament, hair and some structural feature as a Chow Chow, even a blue tongue and gums. He weighs about eighty pounds. Kujo was dumped at a house when he was about six weeks old and was locked in a shed day and night until I found him. He had to fight  with a older dog for food until I rescued him. As a result, Kujo does not care to be trap into a small space, share food, enter a shed or be stepped over. 

Most people are quick to accuse the Bully for any negative action or result. I knew Sir Duke was being protective for a reason last night and after I woke. Kujo was laying under my feet while I drank my coffee. I could see how Kujo was pushing for my attention despite Sir Duke wanting Kujo to keep his distance from me. As I stroked Kujo's coat this morning, I thought, "I give to much time to my bullies". I discovered a swollen mass on Kujo's front arm, on his elbow. I have seen several snakes in the yard. So, the wound may be a snake bite. Also, Kujo could had landed hard on the wood floors. It appears Angel tried to step over Kujo to sleep on my side of the Bed. As a consequence of Kujo injury and his phobia, he attacked Angel. Kujo was disgruntled all morning. Sir Duke took notice and kept his eye, ready to protect me. 

One of the ripple effects of knowing Sir Duke's power and his desire to protect me is I understand the importance to remain calm and apply sound rules for all of my five dogs that they will follow. Also, I calmly reassure Sir Duke that we are safe and being upset is not necessary. I place rules where all five dogs may lay. I instruct Kujo where to lay to avoid a fight between Sir Duke and Kujo.The interesting aspect about the fighting is that Sir Duke does everything  possible to avoid, Kujo appears to do everything he can to provoke a fight to get what he wants. Despite Sir Duke breed reputation, he gives deep thought to how to keep me happy, protected, and to avoid negative situations.Sir Duke loves when Kujo is having a good day and kisses his face and feet As well as Sir Duke, Bojangles is a lover not a fighter, he has been hiding and avoiding both dogs that fought last night. Bojangles choses to run and hide as a consequence of being abused in his past and witnessing fights. He came from a home that yelling was a way to communicate and fighting physically was the solution for most problems. Bullies are very sensitive to emotion and actions that are positive or negative. The difference with Bullies versus other known breeds good for family is the positive and negative emotion are visible in the body and face expression of all styles of Bullies. If a loving leader understand how to read a Bully's sounds (Bully speech) and body language, all negative action from a Bully can be avoid. Perhaps, before we decide all Bullies are at fault for something that is deemed as a negative Bully action. A moment should be taken and asked what has happened before and during the action.We should ask questions before we place the blame on the all Bully breeds, such as was the leader at fault for not teaching proper decision skills, has the leader set boundaries, or has someone or something cause unjust harm, such as leaving the Bully alone with a child that innocently physically abuses the Bully before we condemn all Bully breeds. So far my Bullies are not the aggressors, the Labrador mixes and German shepherd mixes appear to have a few anger management issues and rules are not always enough.The same as all living creatures, dogs are smarter then mankind is capable of understanding with passionate emotion and goals. Also, there are many sides to a story. The negative aspect of a story is simply one version. The myth of the Bully breeds surpass the truth, Bully are not always to blame.
Please hug and kiss me.
Angel, baby Sir Duke, and Kujo
hold me please, don't let go
Angel and Sir Duke

I am waiting for love
Bojangles sitting back on Sir Duke, while he sleeps
One of Bojangles and Sir Dukes favorite pastimes is to cuddle. The two bullies are lovers, in which do not enjoy Kujo's bad days. Sir Duke and Bojangles break the misconception of bully breeds  being naturally aggressive, takes lots to get them angery. Bully's love is special and passionate. Also, the temper of a bully is explosive if the Bully is abused, trained without love, and lack of clear direct, precise, and stern rules.

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