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Introduction to Bully Devotion.

Meet Sir Duke and Bojangles 
meet the cute boys
Sir. Duke, Aka snuggles and Bubbles and Bojangles, Aka Peanut Butter and Bo Joe
Welcome to Bully Devotion. We appreciate your support and contributions. Bully Devotion values your opinions and look forwards to your comments and requests.  Our number one goal is to find homes for dogs in need, especially Bully breeds. Our second goal is to spread awareness and education about the different Bully Breeds. Of course, the goal that we always focus on is living, loving, and embracing all the good in life in every gifted moment.

 Meet the Hoffman Boys!

Sir. Duke is a large American Bully. He is an American Pit bull mix with another breed. We suspect Mastiff, since he resembles the black Mastiffs the most, even his color and white markings. Today, he weighs in at 100 pounds and still expanding in all directions.

Sir. Duke is a year and eleven months old, born March 2014. He will be two years old at the end of March 2016. He is a dark Brown, almost black with a white spot on his chest in the shape of the cartoon character, the Tasmanian devil. Finding a body color these day is a challenge.

Sir. Duke wears an extra large collar and still has a little over a year left to grow. He has been a loving family member since he was six weeks old. Sir Duke was the same size and weight of my five-pound kittens. Sir. Duke enjoys all life has to offer.

Sir. Duke loves to swim, run, play, eat and cuddle. He enjoys fresh home cooked chicken with every meal, especially the chicken bones soften. Also, he loves cottage cheese, and vanilla yogurt whenever possible. Sir. Duke enjoys being hand fed with a spoon. He is a mama's baby, yet Sir Duke loves everyone he meets. He loves treats of any kind. Sir Duke easily learns with or without food, especially dog cookies when he is most stubborn and needs encouragement. 

Sir. Duke is powerfully stubborn and needs to be wisely and gently guided. When dealing with Sir. Duke, choices are best to avoid headbutting the issues with Duke. Sir. Duke is a Bully that is highly intelligent, gifted, faithful and hard-headed. He has emotions that are special, scary and exciting that are only a Bully's trait and every moment spent with Sir. Duke is a gift.
He is cute small and loving
Sir Duke, six weeks old

He is all grown up
Sir Duke travels in style (about a year old)

Bojangles is a rescue dog from a family that simply could not care for him. He too is an American Bully. To me, Bojangles looks similar to what has evolved to the American Pit Bull. Yet, traditional American Pit bulls do not exceed a heavy-weight such as Bojangles. 

Bojangles has had a rough start in life. I suspect there was an overall abuse from all members of the family. As a result, he has moments of PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms) reactions. He has fears of all people, women, children, and men.

When I first adopted Bojangles, he would run inside the house with his tail tucked whenever he heard a noise. He would hide under the bed for hours. Every Day Bojangles is getting better. 

These days Bojangles barks now at people that passes the house and the noises do not bother him. He is becoming a mama's boy by day and a daddy's baby by night. Bojangles is extremely well behaved, quiet, and a sweet dog that is eager to please for a hugs and kisses. Yet, he still does not trust or like other people of any age or race. 

We have had Bojangles about five months. I was told he was about a year and six months old. The vet believes he is closer to a year old. He came to me with roundworms and heart worms. He was underfed, skinny, chest sunken in and rib cage visible. Bojangles was malnutrition and very dehydrated. He was so dehydrated he had a bladder infection and bronchitis. Also, Bojangles did not know how to drink water out of a bowl. 

The first few months I boiled chicken and added water to a bowl to teach and encourage Bojangles to drink. After a few months, he finally drank water on his own. Bojangles weighed in less than forty-pounds when I first adopted him. Today he weighs in at sixty-pounds and still gaining. Also, Bojangles is free of the roundworms and is on a slow kill treatment for heart worms. I wanted to treat him holistic methods, however, I was unable to discover a method I trusted or had results that were trustworthy. Follow us and learn how Bojangles fight the monster within and overcomes his fears while living life.

Please be kind and love me
Bojangles (about a year old)

Life is great
Bojangles (about an year old)

Welcome to Bully Devotion. We have grown since our first post. We will be honored to enlighten the world of the truth about American Bullies. We are excited to help find safe, loving homes for dogs in need. We open our hearts and lives to share with you our adventures of love, fun, triumphs and even heartbreaks. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We look forward to entertaining you while allowing you to experience the positive side of the American Bullies. We are the proud American Bully!


  1. It is wonderful that you have chosen to offer your experience and knowledge to all of us. The people who choose to be blessed by your offering will gain much understanding of not only Bully Breads, but also will find the information helpful in their own lives. Thank you for sharing, what for the knowledge that has taken you many years to acquire.

  2. Welcome to Bully Devotion. Thank you for your kind words. We look forward to getting to know you and receiving future comments. Thank you for taking the time to get to know Bully Devotion, Sir Duke, and Bojangles.


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