Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ten Years Chained: A Dog's Happy Ending Rescue Story

 No Animal Should Be Chained
One of the saddest images is a chained dog. I had not realized all the damage a chain is capable of causing to an animal, until I watched the video from Animal advocates. The list of reasons a person should never chain an animal to a tree or structure outside is  endless.

One of the reasons not to chain a dog is the animal is unable to guard a family or property well being chained.  Having an animal chain leaves the animal helpless against strangers and bad weather. An animal chained cannot serve the animals' daily purpose or be a productive family member.

Also, the animals are unable to achieve proper exercise. Over the years the animals' muscles begin to deteriorate, causing trouble walking and running. Often times a chained animal is forgotten and neglected. People fail to realize animals have heart and spirit, in which need love and attention to survive. The saddest part of someone chaining a animal is that most people foget to feed and water the dog. A chained animal starves and dies from lack of physical and emotional care.

Dogs are pack animals. Also, dogs are social animals that are born to please mankind. To be chained away from the pack is a cruel punishment for a dog. Most dogs that lack the emotional support of the pack tend to live less years and die of heartbreak. Look into a chained animals eyes, you will see the saddness and the question why.

I have lived in small apartments, travel trailers and houses with a American Pit Bull that exceeded a hundred pounds. The smaller the space with no backyard, I simply had to learn to take my dogs on walks several times a day. There is no excuse to chain an animal. A dog is happy to learn to please. Even the largest dogs can live within a small area with proper exercise and care.

Please watch this video. Stop cruelty and encourage animal education, so we may spread the better part of humanity. No Animal should ever live such a cruel life and be chained.      

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