Sunday, March 13, 2016

The secret to keeping furniture safe.

Mystery and Myths of the Chewing Needs of a Bully.

he love to chew for hours
Bojangles chewing happily
There are several secrets to keeping the furniture safe with a Bully. One secret is to provide toys to chew. Also, there are as many myths about Bullies as there are different breeds of Bullies. One of the Myths is Bullies enjoy chewing on everything. The truth is, Bullies love to chew on items that are hard in substance, such as plastic. The store bought chew toys are expensive and quickly destroyed by my Bullies. The chew toys appear to last years are the stolen toys that my Bullies have selected, such as the broom head Bojangles is chewing in the above picture.

The broom head Bojangles is enjoying was stolen by Sir. Duke when he was about ten weeks old. Amazingly the broom head has survived even the most expensive toys I have purchased from the pet store. Some of the bristles has fallen out throughout the past two years, yet the Bullies understand not to eat the fallen debris. Bullies digesting anything they chew is true. Bullies must be supervised and toys should be taken away when the dog is ingesting the toy. As a result, I do not allow the Bullies to chew on materials, such as, towels and blankets. Sir Duke attempts to eat cloth material daily. He has not learn the material is hard to digest and pass. Another truth about Bullies, Sir. Duke proves daily is Bullies are stubborn and focused on what they want.

Another myth is Bullies have jaws that have the ability to lock. Bullies indeed do have powerful jaws, in which needs hard toys to chew on. The truth is the Bullies' jaws is capable of grabbing an item and sawing the item in half with the back of the jaw, while holding the item with the front of the teeth. The Bullies' powerful jaws makes the Bully an excellent hunter. The Bully is great at chewing a rope in half, no matter the size of the rope. Keeping safe chew toys for a Bully is important.

The secret to keeping a Bully happy and the furniture protected is to provide sturdy, hard toys. Also, allowing a acceptible stolen item from around the house is a great way of keeping the Bullying being devoted to the toy and not the furniture or unwanted items. Bullies are smart, learn fast what items that are allowed to be toys.  Another great reason to allow the Bully to select a toy to chew on is the process provides a goal and stimulation that gives the bully a outlet to express unspent energy while satisfying basic dog needs. 

Please take a moment and watch Bojangles enjoy the broom head while Sir. Duke watches.

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