Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Secret to Peace.

Taking the Time to Let What Will Be.

Life and animals has an amazing reflection of human traits. Similar to man, animals can have positive and negative emotional changes that resembles the changing wind and passing clouds. One day, the dogs can wake up happy, rested, and playful. The next day the dogs can wake up disgruntled, unwilling to play nice with others, such as Kujo did yesterday. There are several factors that changed Kujo's sour mood for the better. The one main factor was time. The other factor may had been me rearranging the bedroom for better flow for traffic to prevent arguments.  
the boys find peace
Inorder left to right, Kujo, Sir Duke and Bojangles with Angel laying in front of bed, we forgot to include poor Angel in picture.
Kujo woke in a bad mood that lasted for less than a day. Kujo's emotions was identical to a child getting upset with friends, saying " I will never be your friend again",  refusing to play, or be nice in one moment. However, by the end of the day the children are playing of course, and are best friends once again. Kujo being upset had resembled a Texas storm, scary, lots of threats, full of fluff, and passed quickly. Patients, allowing the dog to be himself in a normal routine, and time left alone to allow the ill emotion to pass is best for a dog that is upset. Paying attention while the dog is in a negative mood only reinforces the mood, alone time allows the dog to work through the negative emotion without holding onto the ill-feelings. Similar to humans, time to cool off is one of the secrets to not having an unwanted emotion escalate. Rearranging the environment to change the feel of the room is another secret to having a poor emotion pass as quick as the changing winds.
space needed to be organized
Space needed, Angel

About the middle of the day after I had change the bedroom furniture for better traffic flow,  Kujo, Sir. Duke, and Bojangles was laying together on the bed. Angel was lying in front of the bed. Sometimes, animals can become hard-headed and territorial. The best solution is to rearrange the living space to remind the dogs the space they take claim is only temporary. Plus, dogs are pack animals that do not care for change. As a result of have the furniture relocated, the dogs banned together for the safety and well-being of the pack, and all the negative emotion passed as quick as a summer rainstorm.

Dogs can resemble humans when stuck in a foul emotion, time and a change in scenery can help the positive emotion that keeps the whole family bonded and playful.

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