Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Bully Can Learn to Give Sweet Short Clear Answers

Amazing Funny Talking Dog Bully Pit Bull Compilation
Teaching a Bully  to communicate in a healthy positive method is awesome. Bully are eager to please. Also, Bullies learn communication methods easily to achieve what they desire. The magic is taking the time to listen and play.

The Bully in the video knows what he wants. He provides most answers to questions with yes and no with a nod of his head. A few times his grunts or blows air, a classic Bully sound or action for his answers. He is a well trained Bully that will refuse to break the rules unless he has permission from his leader. This Bully is another blessed dog to have a good loving leader to keep him safe and learning.

My favorite part of the video is how the Bully appears to understand he is a bad boy that has not eaten his food and does not deserve a bone, yet desires one. Bullies do have unique personalities. Love, attention, and training can bring out the best of the Bullies personality and traits. Great Job teamczr!

This video inspires me to spend more time with Sir. Duke and Bojangles and see what style of communication they are willing to learn. Every Bully is different, yet my favorite style of communication with my bullies is the verbal grunts and growls. I will have to observe my Bullies to see if they prefer to use facial expressions and body movements. I know my Bullies prefer silence over loud sounds.

Please leave a comment letting us know how you dog communicates with your dog. Did this video inspire you and how?  Let us know if you have witness a dog that creates sounds that are similar to words. Does your Bully speak? I know Sir. Duke and Bojangles have their own methods to communicate.

Video created by teamczr on Youtube.

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