Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Amazing 4 Rescued Pitbulls from Fighting Ring

Life is Not Set in Stone
Check out these four great Bullies. The four Bullies are wonderful examples how a negative act, such as dog fighting, does not define the life. Also, the temper of a dog is not always destoryed and will turn negative when a dog falls victim to a fighting ring. Despite a horrible beginning start at life, these bullies are loving, fogiving animals. The dogs' hearts appear to be open to new people and situations.

I love how the dogs try to get this lady attention when she is trying to film one of the dogs. The love and care this lady gives to the dogs is obvious from the action of the dogs and the wagg of the tails. These Bullies prove all dogs strive and grow on positive love.

Have you notice all four of the dogs are small and gentle, not the stereotype big fighting dogs. The four dogs are not typical big musclular dogs with lots of aggression. They appear to be more bait dogs then champion fighters. All four dogs' body and facial expression tell a story of lovers not fighters. 

The dogs share shyness in common and the desire to be loved. Yet, they all display unique personalities. Also, the four dogs show the effections in a variety of ways. The four rescued dogs show how Bullies are not natural fighters. The four rescue dogs simply are seeking approval and love like any other dog. 

Watch the video and share www.bullydevotion. Look closely at how this woman shows love to these Bullies in time of need. Leave a comment and let us know what you are thinking. Do you like this blog? Do you not like this blog? Do you like watching animals fight and if so why? Do you know a dog that was rescued from a fighting ring?  

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