Monday, April 4, 2016


Think Before You Break a Dogs Heart and Spirit!

All of life that has a heart and can love back has spirit. Even the biggest life that society deems scary and evil has positive emotions that can be destroyed. The biggest and strongest can lose hope and spirit. Be wise when deciding to love another life.

Casper teaches us how to be patient. Also, to learn to love again after heart break and dream again. Don't fall victim to bad rumors and myths about Bullies. Hold onto your Bully with love and respect. Be kind to all life. Give hope and love that will help prevent another life feeling hopeless. Be light at the end of a long dark road for a heart broken Bully.

Comment and let us know if this video has moved you to be kinder to all living creatures. Let us know if you like or dislike today's post. Share and spread the love for Bulllies all around the world. Let's stop another dog feeling as low as Casper.  


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