Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cold Feet, Warm Heart

The Hotter the Better!

feels good
Sir. Duke is laying on fresh hot towels and washcloths out of the dryer. Look at the beginning of the towel, his nose is barley showing. He especially enjoys having a hot towel place over him. At the time this picture was taken the temperature outside is 85 degree Fahrenheit.
Sir. Duke comes running when he hears the dryer open and close. He enjoys laying on and between hots items no matter the weather is cold or hot. Sir. Duke loves the heat is one of many reasons he loves to cuddle all year, including hot summers. 

There are several reasons Sir. Duke enjoys heat. One reason Sir. Duke enjoys heat rather than cold is he has a thin fur coat. Sir. Duke is not like typical dogs that have a nice thick fur coat and undercoat to keep him cool or warm. The fur on Sir. Duke is short with little undercoat. His fur start to thin at his chest. Also, the majority of his belly and bottom has no hair. As a result, Sir. Duke chills easily.

One theory I have is he is born in the south, so he is designed to enjoy heat. The south does not typically have cold days. Most days, despite the low temperature humidity is high. Therefore, the air remains warm. I am from part of California that has all four season. Yes, a real fall, cold winters, nice springs, and hot summers. The temperatures I grew-up with do allow snow, unlike the south. So, for me the south can feel like a oven set on five hundred degree Fahrenheit at times. Yet, to Sir. Duke the warm south is perfect or at times could be warmer.

I have had several dogs through my life from long hair to short hair. I have never have had a dog that loves to snuggle all year. Also, my dogs enjoy laying on a fresh clean blanket, yet Sir. Duke enjoys something  hot and fresh out of the dryer. Most of my dogs, such as Angle overheats due to the thick fur coat. Sir. Duke is my dream dog. I love to cuddle with him all year as much as he loves to snuggle with me.  

Please leave a comment letting us know do you have a pet that loves the heat all year. Or is you pet the same as Angel, overheats when the weather is above fifty degree Fahrenheit.

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