Sunday, April 3, 2016

Dog Whisperer talks about what Pitbulls are really like

Training Start with Me!

All of life, including the Bully Breed has a purpose. Understanding the influence make life all the sweeter. My dogs behave as well as I teach them. Therefore, the training must start with me. I must be the best at what I expect from my dogs. I must have a clear plan and be aware of my dogs communication to me and too others. The bully breed is fine, its humanity that needs retraining. 

Cesar is correct, the Bully breed has been loved or hated throughout history. Once upon a time, the Bully breed was the mascot for the Queen of England and was thought as one of the greatest hunters. Also, Cesar is correct, banding the breed causes more problems, since the problem is not with the Bully Breed.  Some of the worse breeds that harm more people are the ones that people consider family dogs, such as Chiwawa and Cocker Spaniels.

Cesar message is a blessing to the Bully breed. He brings common sense to the Bully madness. Check out Cesar and comment below if you agree or disagree with Cesar.  

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