Thursday, April 14, 2016

Eating Domesticated Animals is Morally Wrong

Eating dogs: Girl finds missing dog cooked at dog meat market stall in r...

As I help spread awareness of the global issues of homeless and abused dogs, I discover Vietnam, South Korea, and China are still eating domestic animals. Here is a small glimpse of my upcoming research and investigation. 

Now, I am starting to understand why there is no dogs that needs a home in South Korea, Vietnam, and China. Perhaps, what is needed is education and animal right laws.

Eating an animal that has been design by mankind is sick and wrong for all kinds of reason. The domesticated animal is not a true hunt, due to the fact tamed animals are trusting, and place their lives in humanities hands. Mankind has a responsibilities to the domesticated animals. Since, man has created the dependent need of the tamed animals on humanity.
A few days ago, I watched a video on Facebook in which showed how Vietnam brutalizes a few hundred dogs to satisfy the desire to eat meat ( you can see the video on the Bully Devotion page on my Facebook account Eve Hoffman, From that moment, I have not eaten meat or eggs. I am in shock there are still societies that are in the dark and have not evolved.  

This poor girl in the video is going to be forever changed. I hope she grows-up and becomes the changes for the dogs in her country that have lost their lives to insanity. 

Stay tune for upcoming articles about the different countries that  are eating domesticated animals. Let's discover if eating the tamed occur in the United States. I am going to take a few days and investigate. I am going to give-up meat and eggs to support my passion and for all the abused animals in the world. I am going to avoid buying merchandise from South Korea, Vietnam, and China to send a message, because money speaks louder than words.

This shocking video has forever changes my views on how mankind treats and under-values all animals, including cows, pigs, and chickens. Please join me and bring awareness that all life does matter, including life with fur.

Please leave a comment. Let us know how you feel about mankind eating domesticated animals. Do you think eating hand raised animals, such as the dog is right or wrong?  Let us know, do you eat meat, why or why not?

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