Thursday, April 14, 2016

Every Life Serve a Higher Purpose

Hero dog comforted by owner’s mom after saving her from stabbing attack

Warning, this video is very graphic and heartbreaking. Lucy had love and respect to her dying breath. She was loved by her family and will be deeply missed.

The Bully breeds are great at protecting the weak and the innocent. Naturally, most Bullies will jump into harms way without a thought, no need to train.

Heroes come in all forms. Watch how Lucy sacrifices her life for her two leg family. The lady in the video is correct, the guy had a choice and Lucy's death could had been avoided. At least Lucky died serving a higher purpose.

Join me and honor Lucy's life by spreading awareness violence is not a solution. Please leave a comment and honor a hero's life. Leave a simple statement, such has "Lucy's life does matter". Tell us about a hero that most people would over-look. Sharing is caring. Spread the word to help a dog in need near you and to stop the violence for all life, every life serves a higher purpose.


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