Monday, April 25, 2016

Food Allergies

Even The Best Of Dry Food Can Cause Food Allergies 
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Sammy's skin allergies
Sammy's skin allergies

I have bought the top holistic dog foods throughout the years and have still struggled with Sammy's allergies. We feed the dogs a mix of dry food with fresh homemade food. Yet, we have decided to switch all the dogs to fresh homemade food only. 

I have noticed people that provide fresh cooked or raw food have healthier dogs. The dogs do not have allergy break-outs. Also, the dogs' coats appear to be shiner. Another benefit to fresh food is the dogs' breaths smells better. Furthermore, there is less dog poop to pick up. Boy, there can be lost of poop daily for five large dogs. Also, the cost of the food is cheaper on the budget. The dogs eat less, since they require less.  

Feed raw or cooked food cost less then dry or canned dog food. Cooking the food is a personal choice. Since my dogs have not had a raw food diet, I plan to keep cooking the food. Also, there is lots of rules to keep the dog safe for raw food. I do not want to risk my dogs if I miss a needed procedure for raw food. Plus my dogs do not like raw eggs or chicken, only raw beef. Dogs can get sick and die from raw food if the food is not handled with proper procedures. I will provide the foods in which research recommends for a healthy dog.

The variety of foods I will provide to my dogs will consist of chicken, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, rice, peas, carrots, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. Also, we will give the dogs a variety of vegetables and fruits. The dogs love all vegetables and fruits, specially Sir. Duke and Bojangles. Dogs in the wild eat all kinds of vegetation when meat is not available is one of the reason I will provide fruits and vegetables along with their daily meat. 
Follow us to see how the fresh food works. We plan to start with a week. I am hoping this is the answer for Sammy lost of hair. I have tried every flea medicine, allergy medicine and dry food without success. Perhaps the secret is old school food in which mankind once fed the dogs before commercialized dog food was discovered and created.  

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