Friday, April 1, 2016

A Born Right or A Earn Privilege?

I do not care to have my dogs on any device that gives a person full control.Yes, I prefer my dogs naked. I enjoy living beside my trained animals that have the freedom to fully protect me without constant control. 

My older dogs are trained and aware of the rights and privileges of not wearing a collar. However, the young Bullies, Sir. Duke and Bojangles still needs the collar on during the day, not only for there protection but for me as well.

In the past when I did not have a back yard my dogs wore a collar during the day for the dogs' safety. At night I removed the collar, so the dogs could sleep in comfort. I typically utilize body collars for the dogs. I have discovered over the years body collars allow control for proper training, while keeping the dog protected, specially when the dog is more than fifty percent my body weight. For example, I weigh about 148 lbs and Sir. Duke is over a hundred pounds and still growing. I found having control over his powerful neck is too much of a battle. He drags me at ever glance. The body collar allows freedom with the room to learn for both of us. Also, the body collar allows Sir. Duke to smell and protect me without dragging me.

My young Bullies are still at the stage of needing the body collar during the day for training purposes, because they tend to become hard-headed and focused on what they desire. For example, Sir. Duke and Bojangles have been focusing on chasing one the cats while ignoring commands as they reach the teenager phase of life. Yes, that is right, even dogs have phases, such as the terrible I have to touch everything twos phase, and the independent I know what best for me teenager stage. Over time the Bullies will learn when they do not pay attention to me, and break my household rules they will be placed in the body collar. So, I am hoping in a short time they will no longer need a collar.

One amazing aspect of the collar is when the Bullies wear the collar they seem to pay attention closer. Also, Sir. Duke and Bojangles are calmer and ready for action, once the excitement fades. A well balanced, calm, and happy bully is a trained and focus dog with a purpose. Despite me not caring to have a collar on the dogs, I have to admit the collar is one of many tools that help train a dog well and advance the dog and trainer in lessons.   

Bojangles and Sir. Duke first moment with the body collars on this morning. They get so excited since they do not wear the collar to often. Sir. Duke moving so fast he almost just a blur. Bojangles body collar is a soft  black collar that hugs hims gently around the neck and hold him behind his arms. He wears a medium collar, almost growing into a large collar.
Sir. Duke. Look close to see his black body collar with handle. I love black on Sir. Duke, because the black collars give him a appearance of not wearing a collar.The handle is very helpful when I need Sir. Duke close to me. This body collar has been best for Sir. Duke. The collar does not rub a sore on his chest or armpit. The front strap sets just above his chest and the back strap rest gentle behind his front arms. The collar size is an extra large.   
Please leave a comment below letting us know if you like this article. Please tell us if you like having a collar on a dog or if you like the dog to have freedom. Also, tell us why or why not you like collars for dogs.

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