Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Having faith and Trust is Earned

Love is a Gift

Trust and faith is not always present in the time of need. Thankfully for this Bully these two kind hearted people reaches deep to rescue him. They show love, kindness and patients he has long deserved. People got this dog into the bad situation, for him a person is not what he would expect to bring comfort. 

They say to reach a man's heart is through the stomach. Perhaps one of the best methods to reach a Bully that has lost faith is through his or her stomach and basic hunger needs. Look at how much he shakes while he is fed a hamburger. 

Another amazing aspect is how the cats encourage him to eat, despite the natural dislike of dogs. Also, the cats slowly teaches the dog how to trust and have faith in a person again. 

Also, look at how this Bully gently warns the two that are trying to rescue him. Note, he warns the two out of fear and anxiety, not aggression or hate. Most dogs bite out of fear, the responsibility falls on people to handle a dog that is fearful. Look at how the two rescue this fearful dog without being bitten. 

When watching this homeless dog, pay special attention to how this dog's temper changes for the better from the beginning of the video to the end. All a Bully needs to turn a bad situation to good is love and basic comfort needs. This homeless dog is a great example the problem is not the Bully Breed, the issue lies with mankind.   

Please leave a comment below after watching the video. Let us know if you like this story. Also, tell us a time when you witness a dog rescued just in time with patients and love. Share Bully Devotion to spread the word and to find a home for a Bully in Need.

Video Created by the Bill Foundartion Dog

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