Friday, April 8, 2016

Hoarding is Not Healthy for Life

Animals Rescued From House of Horrors

A passion to help can turn into a nightmare for the rescued as well as the person with good intentions. Each person has  personal limits to how many animals that can be cared for correctly and healthy. Knowing personal limits is the secret. As sad as it may be animals are better off to find someone that is capable of helping rather than being abused by good intentions. The video is a great example what harm is done by hoarding animals.

As much as I want another Bully, I must know my limits and care for the animals I have at the moment. Bringing in new animals changes everything. Bullies are sensitive to change.  Even as passionate as I am, keeping the welfare of the animals at heart is healthier than personal goals, obsessions and passions. 

The Humane Society of the United States treats  these dogs with kindness and respect they have been missing. Amazing, the animals could breath and live in such conditions. Dogs naturally do not live in their own waste. They prefer to live in a clean environment with fresh water and food. For example, my dogs will not drink out of the pool after a few days, so I keep a fresh bowel cleaned daily.  

Look at the dogs faces show appreciation and curiously. I do not believe in cages. Cages are inhuman, cruel, and wrong. The sad part in regards to this video, someone felt the need to cage the dogs. The person was not providing a healthy life. The dogs would had been better to have freedom to go outside as well as indoors. A cage life is not a life!

I have witness people with multiples Bully breeds and take care for them daily. They provided clean homes, exercise time, pick-up poop daily, fresh food and water. There is no excuse for hoarders like this video, care is possible and caging dogs is not needed. This hoarder has reached beyond the limits and helped or saved no one.  

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about today's post. Do you know a person with lots of dogs? Are the dogs cared for?

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