Friday, April 22, 2016

How I saved Kujo

Meet Kujo

Kujo about three months old
Kujo about three months old
Kujo Learning how to walk with the family
Kujo Learning how to walk with the family
Kujo about one year old
Kujo about one year old
Kujo 2016 about eight years old!

I needed Kujo protection as much as he needed me. I lived on the East side. The bad part of Waco, Texas. The day I met Kujo is the day I almost ran him over with my truck. 

I was coming home from work when a cute German Shepard large puppy ran across in front of me. I slammed my breaks and stop just before hitting him. So, I pulled up to the house where Kujo ran to and asked why he was off leash or out of his yard. Before I could say anything, one of the men at the house that was playing cards with a group of guys outside asked me, " do you want him?" Of course I said, "yes, yet I had to check with my husband". 

At the time My husband was working. So, for over a hour I held Kujo in my arms while he slept. All the guys kept saying as they looked at us, "look at how that pup so relaxed with her, he is going to be spoiled".  Well, while I waited I listen to Kujo's story. 

So as I waited for my husband, the men told me that someone had dumped him off  in the neighborhood. The guy that owned the house was keeping him in the storage for past month trying to find him a home. The day I almost ran into Kujo was the first day he had been outside of the storage. The guy was hoping someone might see him and take him home. The guy told me he had another adult dog that did not like Kujo and would attack him, especially over food. So, he could not keep Kujo. Well, the trick worked for me. 

So, finally my husband arrives and says no instantly. My husband tells me we have enough dogs and no fence in yard. Yet, I stand my grounds and made my case how Kujo would be a good addition and not much more work. Also, I let him know, they had planned to lock Kujo back in the storage. Well, after about ten minutes of me giving my husband sound reasons to rescue Kujo, he finally gave in and allowed Kujo to come home with us. When I asked him why. My husband said because he knew I would not give up and he could not bare to know the poor dog was going to be locked back in the storage.

So, that is how I almost ran Kujo over. I would save Kujo again. Yet, wanting a non Bully breed was just a fad for me. My true love and passion is the Bully breeds. I am grateful my love and respect for all dogs are stronger than my changing fads. Kujo is a great addition to my family, despite the fact is may be German Shepard and Chow Chow. His blue cheeks and tongue tells me he has Chow Chow. 

For me to admit Kujo has Chow Chow in him took lots of courage. I have to admit  the Chow Chow has not been my favorite. Most Chow Chows I have known have been on the crazy side with a ill temperament. Kujo has ill temperament issues from time to time and has taken lots of training to get along with all members of the pack. He is a great guard dog.  People are afraid of  Kujo and for good reasons. Kujo is not shy to warn and show his aggressive side to trespasser and stranger that are not invited. His behavior I would say is closer to the wolf.

Please leave a comment. Sharing is caring. Would you rescue a dog with a unknown past? Would you keep a dog that requires social training? Would you put the dog to the side once you moved on the your next fad?


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