Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How My Husband Rescued Angel

Angle's Third and Last Rescue

Angel, three years old.
Angel, three years old.

He was trained off the leash due to all the years of traveling.
He was trained off the leash due to all the years of traveling.

Angel is 11 years old today. He will be 12 years old this November 2016
Angel is 11 years old. He will be 12 years old come this November 2016

I wish I had kept better track of Angel's puppy pictures. Angle is a Black Flat Coat Labrador.  He was so cute and big already at six months old when I adopted Angel. He already weighed over seven-five pounds. I had to remind friends he look like an adult dog, yet he was still a puppy. 

When My husband saved Angel, I was not ready to adopt another dog. I had just lost my best dog of fourteen years that I had raised since she was about eight weeks old, her name was cricket. Cricket was a Pit bull/Doberman. She went every where with me. I had to walk her several times a day because we lived in an apartment her whole life. I thought no dog could ever take the pain away. My husband suggested I get another type of dog than a Pitt Bull mix I would normally adopt.
Cricket about six years old in the painting, I miss her!
I thought cricket was a work of art.
I have a box full have pictures of cricket. Yet, here is a painting I paid a friend good money to paint for me. I thought Cricket was a work of art. This is a good picture of her at her best. She was a big girl!

So, I agree to go check out our local shelter,of course simply to humor my husband . When we arrived there was several dogs in need. Angel impressed my husband and I the most. Angle was quiet and well behaved over the handful of dogs we took out to play. Angel never barked. He simply smiled at us each time we visit with him.

After we took Angel back to his kennel we noticed a special red tag on Angel verses the other dogs. So, we ask why. We found out the red tag was Angel schedule for euthanasia. The Animal shelter staff informed us, Angel was originally dumped off to the shelter when he was under six weeks, because the breeder deem him a runt and invaluable. Also, the shelter told us Angel had been adopted and had been returned to the shelter a few months before we found him. The second family said they could not handle Angle's excitement or size. 

So, we talk about Angel coming home with us for few a minutes. He was a well behaved dog that deserved a third chance. Some how my heart told me I needed him as much as he needed me. Also, I could see my husband wanted to save Angel. So, we took him home.

What surprised me was Angle's discounted price. The shelter was very happy to have found a home for Angel. When I returned to the shelter  to use the restroom with Angel because I did not want to leave him in the hot truck, the first thing was ask did you change your mind with stressful tones. I smiled and said, "no, just need to use the restroom, can you hold him for me". Boy, they had a look of relief and was happy to help.   

When I first adopted Angel he was underweight and had kennel cough. We taught Angel how to swim, ketch a ball and bark when he felt like talking. Boy, some days I wish I would had kept Angel silent. I used Angel love of the ball to teach him basic commands and to get his attention fast.

Angel traveled with us for over 5 years for business. He was and is one of the best protectors I have had. Also, Angel taught me not to under estimate the traditional family dogs for protection. Yet, I missed cricket for years, Angel helped. Sad to say, I did not stop hurting for Cricket until I got Sir. Duke. I still miss Cricket today and I always feel the lost of her love. Bully love is special. Yet, the love and joy I have had from Angle I would adopt him again.

Please leave a comment. Do you know a dog that has had more than one or two chances to have a family. Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Devotion to help find homes for dogs in need, and spread awareness for fair treatment for all dogs.

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