Thursday, April 21, 2016

How we adopted Sammy

I wanted a German Shepard, Got Sammy!
sammy about eight weeks old
Sammy about  eight weeks old

she is so cute
She is so cute.

Look how small she is next to Angel. Angel is four years old in this picture.
Look how small she is next to Angel. Angel is four years old in this picture.
I thought she was going to look like a German Shepard
I thought she was going to look like a German Shepard!
Sammy about two years old
Sammy over one year old
Sammy about two and half years old
Sammy about two and half years old
Sammy loves to swim
Sammy loves to swim

Sammy Today. She is eight years old. Sammy turns nine this year.
Sammy Today. She is eight years old. Sammy turns nine this year. 
I adopted Sammy for several reasons. One day I had realized dogs protect better in a pack. Also, I decided I wanted a German Shepard. Also, Sammy was in need of a home.

I had read that animals do better in a pack, so I thought Angel needed a friend. I wanted a boy, yet we discovered Sammy.

I thought Sammy was going to be a German Shepard looking dog. I had not realized her Labrador in her would take over.  Even though as Sammy grow into a yellow lab mix, my love grew for her.

So here is how my husband found Sammy. My husband and I lived in a travel trailer for a few years since we were traveling for work every week throughout the states. When we moved to Texas we stayed in the travel trailer for about six months before we found a house to rent. I had sold the one we had traveled in for years and rented a trailer from the park we stayed at. So, after we moved out my husband went back to make sure we had gotten everything out of the storage of the trailer. When he arrived, the new renters had two puppies  already under the trailer.

My husband felt bad for the puppies because the living conditions was not good. The people could barley afford to feed themselves. There was no where the puppies could play safe. The trailer park was next to a busy highway. The new renters ask if my husband could take Sammy, cause she had an issue with holding down food and a her belly button was pupped out and look twisted. So, my husband took Sammy home. She was about eight weeks old. He knew I wanted another puppy and Sammy needed us.

We took her to the vet, got her shots, schedule her to be spayed, and have her belly button fixed. She did not get spayed or belly button fixed until she was about five months old. I had no big issues of her throwing up. she only throw up a few times when I first got her. Perhaps, the store brand food that she was being fed before I rescue her was part of the problem. I serve all my puppies holistic organic foods.

 Sammy has always been a great dog. I am glad we rescue her. The only negative side to Sammy is her fur coat sheds in large amounts. She also suffer from hot spots that are hard to cure. I think I find a solution for her skin and then she breaks out. Sammy fur is supper soft. Also, she has never cared for babies or kids since she has been  just weeks old. Perhaps, her dislikes and growls come from her short time with the family before us. That was another reason my husband felt bad for Sammy. My husband said the couple allowed their kids to hit and torment the puppies as the kids pleased to do so.

Sammy has taught me that even if a dog looks sweet a person must approach with care. Thankfully Sammy warns before she bites. Yet, everyone and including babies and children are attracted to Sammy because she is a sweet, pretty family dog on the outside. However, what is over looked is she is a true guard dog on the inside. I have to be careful with all strangers with Sammy. Even the utility company has to be careful around her. She is our best protector in and out of the house.  She is the boss of the boys!

Please leave a comment. Do you have a dog you imagined was going to look a certain way, yet it grew into another unexpected look or size? Sharing is caring. Spread the Bully Devotion to help find homes for dogs in need. Share a story about a dog you rescued or dog you know that was adopted. We look forward to your comments. 

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