Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In Memory of Rocky, How Sir. Duke Rescued Me.

How Sir. Duke Saved Me!

The day I lost Rocky was one of the hardest moments in my life. I fainted for the first time and only time in my life. I love and miss Rocky as if today is the first day without him.

May the angels in heaven keep you safe
Rockey died the end of April of 2014.
What will go wrong, will go wrong in the month of April. Rockey's death is another reason April is difficult for me. I much rather sleep the month away. Rocky died cause of a my mistakes and ignorance.

Rocky's death has taught me lessons about life and changed how to love a dog for the rest of my life. I  allowed someone to open my gate while trying to help the neighbors across the street catch his dog that had escaped from his sad chain. Well, let's start with who Rocky was.

Rockey was a jumper and a runner, I had rescued him from my neighborhood when he was about a year old. He was a skinny, starving stray. When  Rocky was a puppy, he would steal food from the dog that was chained up across the street. My neighbor was throwing rocks at Rocky to get him away from his dogs' food and water is how he got his name and I found Rocky.

Well, here is the ugly, painful story. I went to get the dog that was off his chain and a friend open the gate wide that did not know better. Rocky shot out of the gate fast after the running dog. At that moment the new neighbor two houses down left his house speeding in a small pick-up truck, such as a Ford Ranger and hit Rocky the second he got out of my gate and crossed the street after the unleashed dog. He hit Rocky so hard he died within minutes in my arms. He ran-crawled to me and died in my arms. I begged for death to come quickly. I promised myself that would never happen again. I placed a lock on the gate, so only the person with the key is capable of opening the gate.

I learn lots of lesson, one is not speeding in my vehicle where people and animals live. If that guy was not speeding ,Rocky would had still been with me today. I was distraught and beside myself. 

My neighbor across the street, his friends, and I buried Rocky in my back yard while the guy that hit Rocky just sat and watch, with no offer to help. I kept thinking I wanted to hold Rocky one more time. I wanted to check to see if he was alive and this was a cruel joke. I fainted right before we completely buried Rocky.  Rocky was special, he long for love and enjoyed cuddling with me. He was my baby.

At the time, I had three other rescue dogs, yet Rocky needed me the most. I needed rocky to need me. I lost my mind. I needed Rocky back! I could not wait until I found another dog in need. I could not breath without Rocky. 

So, a week after Rocky's death, I went looking for a dog in need on Craig's list. Every dog I focused on look in my mind  like Rocky. I begged my husband for a few days. He said there was not enough time after Rocky death and we would find a dog in need in good timing. Well, another week went by, I thought my heart was going to die without Rocky.

I have had dogs that were Bullies in the past and knew I needed Bully love to replace Rocky. Then I saw Sir. Duke and one of his brother posted on Craig's List. I was going to have Sir. Duke. I was not going to take no for an answer. The right moment had arrived for me and Sir. Duke. My heart told me, Sir. Duke needed me as much as I need him.

My sweet baby saved me
The first night with us
Sleep like a baby
Sir. Duke, May 2014

He makes me so happy
Our first cuddle. Sir. Duke is born to snuggle.

please cuddle with me
Look at Sir. Duke's short, pudgy  belly, arms and legs.
Sir. Duke came from a home that had several Pit Bulls. Him and his siblings slept in
the same bed with the family. All the dogs were house dogs that had access in and out of the house. Sir. Duke loved to be held and to snuggle is days away before I met him. He was hand fed and responding to commands at six weeks old. He was a well cared for, and a  loved puppy. Sir. Duke was created for me.

Sir. Duke was perfect. He looked similar to Rocky to me. He cuddled day and night. Sir. Duke needed me for everything. He help me move on from Rocky's death.The truth is, Sir, Duke rescued me. Sir. Duke is spoil rotten cause of Rocky's death. As I spoil Sir. Duke, I feel a little healing in my heart. I almost feel I am making amends for my mistakes with Rocky. I know that there is no making amend for Rocky, yet I try.  

My last words to Rocky was No, Stop. I still cannot tell my dogs No or Stop to this day. I am careful to have my last words loving. I ask the dogs to do something else rather then saying No or Stop. Every life, death, and each moment has a purpose. I hold onto the thought, one day I will have less heartache, and will find a way to benefit the world with Rocky's short life and fast painful death.

Sir. Duke is my angel and my heart. As I write this, I break into tears and can hardly breath. I worry I will forget an important detail about Rocky, since his death is hard for me to face even after two years. Sir. Duke still is beside me helping me breath within each moment, kissing the wounds within my heart. I will give him the love and safety I could not provide to Rocky. I will ease the pain in my heart by helping any dog or Bully in need.  I will miss and love Rocky for the rest of my life. I will spend my whole life honoring the time I was blessed to have with Rocky. I will help all dogs in the memory of Rocky so part of his death is not in vain.

Please leave a comment letting us know when a dog saved you or you saved a dog. Sharing is caring, spread the word to help a dog in need. 


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