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Myths That Need To Be Broken

8 Pit Bull Lies You Might Believe

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Another chains of myths broken!
Another chains of myths broken!

There are several myths regarding Bully breeds in general that are fear based and not based on sound facts. Seeing the truth is not always easy when we filter the facts through out beliefs. Watch this video to see eight myths that you may have believed as truths. 

The first myth that Bullies are aggressive is incorrect. All dogs can be aggressive if treated inhumanly. Even a Labrador can only take so much abuse from a child or an adult. The key to all breeds is how a person parents the dog.

The second myth, the jaw locking on a Bully sounds cool, almost like a super power. Yet, there are other breeds that have a stronger jaws with a heavier force. The only aspect I have noticed is my Bullies enjoy chewing on harder surfaces than my other mix of dogs that are retrievers, Shepard, and Labradors. I know Sir. Duke can chew right through any rawhide or bone. Even Bojangles cannot cut through a rope or bone as easily as Sir. Duke. The power of the dogs jaw is unique among individual dogs not breeds. 

The third myth Bullies are poorly behaved I find funny, since the Bully has been rank one the highest in having a great temperament. A dog behaving poorly is not a breed issue, yet a parenting issue. Any dog regardless of the breed, behaves has well has the persons training them. Also, all dogs behavior depends on if the trainer provides good social skills. 

Myth four, Bully Breeds has been know to be bad is even more ridiculous. The Bully Breed has a long history of serving people in war and peace time. In history, the Bully breed once was served as a nanny to watched over the children has they played.  The problem is society has forgotten all the benefits mankind has had with the variety of Bully breeds.
I giggle at myth five, Bullies will turn on their owners without a warning, because all dogs warn. Dogs do not attack without a reason. Even if people cannot not admit the mistake, most bites come from human error. The Bully breed warns and is one of the most loyal among all breeds. Reading the dogs body and facial expression is important to understand when any breed is going to bite, regardless if your the owner or not. 

Myth six, Bullies were designed for fighting makes me sad, because Bullies were not created for fighting. Bully Breeds are working dogs in which were created to live, help and work with mankind. A few bad people has harmed the Bully breeds reputation. They are like any other dog and listen to the owners regardless if they like to or not.

Myth seven, creating man-made laws will keep society safe is a joke. No man-made laws will make the difference. Understanding the Bully breed, responsible parenting, and educating society will be the change the Bully Breeds need, so society can see the truth and not the myths. 

The last myth, number eight, no one person want a Bully as a pet is sad and untrue. One of the many reason for the large population of Bullies is the breed is one of the number one breeds people desire for a companion. Bully breeds are personal and express love that most people cannot resist once they get past the myths and fears. 

Please leave a comment. Do you think the top eight today are facts or myths, why or why not? Sharing is caring. Please spread the word to help educate society, encourage better dog parenting, and help dogs find much needed homes.

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