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Updated: New Neighbors chain their dog without Shelter

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Look past the trash can to the left, between the trash can and the tree stump along the fence. The brown spot is a young dog chained with out shelter! 4/28/16
Look past the trash can to the left, between the trash can and the tree stump along the fence. The brown spot is a young dog chained with out shelter! 4/28/16

Update: 10/14/16: Well a few months back I learned why the neighbors puppy disappeared. I first heard the dog pound pick the puppy up due to not being inside, having a collar, as well as loose through rumors. 

However, the women finally spoke to me. She told me the dog had been killed down the street by a car, and she should had listen to me about keeping the puppy in the house and within her yard. 

Running free may seem like the humane thing to do. I guess running free may be more humane then chaining the dog. Yet, there are lots of dangers that can occur to the animal. Such as, getting ran over and hurt, as well as killed. 

The shelter where I live is no longer a kill-shelter, so I will call the pound next time. I wish I had. Perhaps that puppy would still be alive today in a better home. 

Thankfully, I have not seen anymore puppies across the street. A few of my neighbors tie-up their dogs. Drives me nuts. They stay within the law. I cannot wait until Waco, Texas revises the chained-up dog laws. 

All we can do is our best, help when we can, as well as love and care for our furry loved ones. Sometimes role modeling is the best way to help. Showing the world how to train, care, and love our furry loved ones can spread through respectful and peaceful example. 

Original post: 04/29/16
The house across the street from mine has been empty for months. There is not a complete fence in yard. Recently two females with children moved in. Most likely HUD assistant is helping this couple. That is normally what moves into the two houses across the street. They have sheets as curtains. I was going to help out the couple until the day they decided to abused this young puppy.  

A few days before the puppy showed-up and waited sweetly at her door, even in times of rain, I brought some kids books to give to her kids and welcome them to the neighborhood that I had found after cleaning out my office. I knew I had more and asked the lady of she would like to have the kid books. The lady replied, "yes, anything that you can help with will be nice and appreciated". 

So, I thought I have some curtains and some books I could afford to give to her. Yet, a few days later, the dog showed-up, without a collar, or a proper shelter. So, I decided to hole back the books and curtains. I did not know what to do. I knew, I could not gift or support such ignorance. So I waited. 

Over a week past, maybe even two weeks. Boy, that puppy was being well behaved. I had to sneak past the young puppy with Sir. Duke and Bojangles on our daily walks. We even drove to the park a few times to avoid attracting the puppy following us. I did not want to be the cause of her puppy straying.Yet, the puppy staying on her porch and yard ended. I knew the puppy would want to explore in time.

The puppy is a normal puppy. The puppy became bored. He or she has no friends. The puppy is alone most of the hours. At best just a minute of time as the family passes to get into their SUV. Not one family member plays with the puppy. So, the puppy decided to go exploring a few houses down the street.

I was on my way out to paint a house. I watch a white 2004 Fire Bird almost hit the puppy. So, I knocked on the door. Told the lady what just happen. She mumble something about getting a collar and to mind my business. I let her know, her puppy almost getting hit by a car is my business. I told her if she did not take the dog in the house and provide proper shelter to avoid rains such as we had that night, I would call the pound. I explained fast I had watched one of my dogs die on this same street. Also, I told her I would not be responsible if my dogs got lose because of her dog. Then I left for work, with my dogs lock in the house. I do not trust our fence, specially when there is a dog running lose. So, my dogs stay in the house if I must leave.

Well, when I got back the dog was gone. I was hoping she did the right thing for the dog and brought the dog to a home with a proper fence. A week went by nothing. I still did not give this lady anything because of  her cruel act to the puppy. 

I am glad I did not give her more books or the curtains. I am not sure where the puppy was for a few weeks, Yet, yesterday, I saw she placed the puppy on a chain out front without shelter. I noticed the puppy because the puppy was winning and showing distress. No life should be left on a chain exposed to thunderstorm and tornadoes.

Having a animal on a chain is immoral and causes health problems for the dog. I am torn to turn her in to the dog pound. Sad here in Texas, the law allows life to be chained on a six feet lead with proper shelter, shade, water and food available. There is no time limited. There should be a time limit when a animal is tied to a structure. 

Seeing a life tied up is terrible. I want to tie the lady up for a week to a tree or the side of her fence. Allow the lady to personally know how it feels to pee, poop, play, eat, drink, and sleep in the same spot and stay in a storm without shelter or hope of someone helping her. If the world knew how cruelty felt, there would be less. Some people, like this lady needs a eye for a eye lesson. The sad part is I have things her family and puppy could benefit from. Yet, her ill actions towards her dogs has stop me. I wonder if she know her action stops goodness in her life would she change her ways. Would she show life more respect. Life gives what we give. To bad she blind and does not understand her cruel action towards life and animals shapes life for her.

I will try to get better picture of the chained dog. I am trying to figure how to help this dog without causing a good old Texas fight! One main reason is there is a culture difference as well. So, what I do will only be for the benefit of the dog not her or her children. I have not seen even the kids play with this chained puppy.
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Give chained dogs a voice, do what you can to stop this madness. No life deserves to be chained. A chained life is a choked soul!
Give chained dogs a voice, do what you can to stop this madness. No life deserves to be chained. A chained life is a choked soul! 

Do you think I should get involved? Should I turn in the family to animal control? Should I do what she said and mind my own business? Perhaps, I could leave a pamphlet on the health issues of a chained dog.  Leave a comment let me know what you think I should do. Do your best to help change the laws that allow a chained life and spread education on why no life should be chained. 

Bully Devotion Notes: 4/29/16: I observed this morning the lady across the street does let the puppy in the house when she gets home. I watched her open the door let him out to potty and then back in the house. I hope this morning activities is a good sign the puppy is only on the chain when the lady is not home. Hopefully the puppy will not need a shelter. Also, hopefully she brings in the puppy when today's storms hits us this afternoon. So, I have decided to wait and observe the neighbor and the puppy before I take action. Hopefully she will do the right things for the puppy, so I do not have to get involved. Sometimes just being there is helping. I still plan not giving her anything for the fact of the chain, no dog should be on a chain. There is other options. Her fence could be fix. Also, the pet stores do have tie off systems to give more freedom and electric fences to keep dogs in a certain area. She only has a small section that needs to be closed off. The electric fence may be the nicest option despite the sounds of cruelty. If she talked to me, I bet I could find a way to get the material needed for the fence to be repaired. Yet, her action keeps her from excepting goodness. 

Do you agree with my choice of action. Let me know would you do the same. If not tell me what you would do for a dog that is chained.

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