Friday, April 15, 2016

Pitbull Saves Toddler's Life

Heroes are Born

Welcome to a great day! Another Pit Bull breaks the myth about Bully breeds. Being a hero comes from natural instincts to protect the ones we love. 

The Bully Breeds is a fantastic service dog. The breed is very sensitive about humans physical and mental health. The Pit Bull in the video is a great example how humanity benefits from the Bully breeds.   

The only aspect I do not agree with is taking the bullies to a dog park, because of people ignorance and if a issue occurs the Bully will be to blame no matter if the fault is not the Bully's. I take Sir. Duke and Bojangles to places they can run and play without the risk of a misunderstanding. Bullies are like people, they do not always like everyone.

Please leave a comment. Tells us about a hero that you would like us to get to know. Sharing is caring. Thank you for your support. 

Video created by Fox News

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