Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pitbull Saves Woman From Train MUST WATCH!!!

Pit Bull Sacrifices Life To Save Another

Our actions have ripples effects that go beyond our reach. A women has a difficult time copping with life and passes out on a train track. The Dog without a thought jumps in the way of a train to rescue the lady from harm she was causing herself  due to a bad habit and sickness, alcoholism. 

Sad, this dog's leg had to be sacrificed  for a person's addictions and personal torments. I am not sure if this pup is blessed, time will tell. You can see the pain and sorrow that has come from alcoholism. Even a Bully is not safe from the damages of addictions and poor choices. Perhaps, this Pit Bull's sacrifice will be the wake-up call this lady needs and her sacrifices will not be made in vain.  

My heart goes out to the family. May the family find peace and comfort within the Bully's love. I hope the lady achieves awareness of her actions and serenity she desperately needs. Even though her poor action and choices has cause so much harm, she deserves a second chance.

Please leave a comment and show you Bully Love & Devotion support. Tell us a time a animal has sacrificed something that could had been avoided with better choices. Do you think this lady deserves Bully love. Sharing is caring. Thank you for sharing Bully Devotion to help dogs in need. 

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