Monday, April 4, 2016

Rules are Designed to be Broken!

A Weekend of Fun!


Bojangles and Sir. Duke loves to play every day with each other. Despite the rules of resting during his heartworm treatment, Bojangles needs to express himself and have fun. So far, he has been good at wanting to stay home. Yet, this weekend Sir. Duke and Bojangles needed a outdoor adventure. 


Bojangles is progressing great. The heartworm treatment so far is coming along without any terrible side effects. Most days Bojangles is full of energy and willing to break the no activity rules of his treatment. Bojangles is a well balance playful dog. At night, he is typically ready for bed and sleeps soundly most of the night.

When I first brought Bojangles home, he was wearing a medium collar with lots of room to adjust. A large collar fell off of Bojangles. This weekend he is wearing a large collar with room to grow. As Bojangles' body grows, so does his confidence and the love to play.

Bojangles enjoys playing with Sir. Duke and Kujo. There are several reason Bojangles avoids Angel and Sammy. I am surprised Kujo stills plays at his age, yet he still enjoys being a puppy with the young Bullies from time to time. Also, teaching the Bullies appears to be Kujo's job and learning best comes with playful fun.

Perhaps, the age gap is too wide between Bojangles and Angel is why he does not play with Angel. Also, maybe Bojangles is aware of Angle's aches and pains due to old age.  One aspect is for certain, Bojangles does is very Bully best to respect Angel and provides plenty of space between the both of them. 

My only theory why the boys do not play with Sammy is because she can be nasty and rude. Old age would be simply an excuse. Sammy has been grumpy at a young age of eight weeks old. Sammy is a typical female that does not share or play fair. Miss. Sammy thinks of herself as the boss of the boys, and playing is her way or the highway. So, both Sir. Duke and Bojangles do their best to avoid Miss Sammy. This is the only reason we did not take her to the lake this weekend to play. Sammy tends to bark and try to push the boys to play her way, making a day out not so much fun. Plus, she seem to enjoy a moment without the boys. 

Watch the video. Please leave a comment and let us know what you like or dislike about today's blog.  I need to practice holding the camera. I see lots of improvement. Have any suggestion? We look forward to your comments. Please share Bully Devotion and any article you have enjoyed. Please spread the positive word for Bullies and check out who needs a home.  

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