Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Saying Thank You is Similiar to Bees to Honey.

Respect and Appreciation Encourages a Bully. 
respect and old fashion values
"Please be kind", Said Bojangles.

Saying thank you to a Bully is a great method to insure the Bully will respond positive to a request in the future. Bullies are sensitive and excel on positive praises and appreciation statements, such as Thank you, and good boy. 

I have discovered over the years with my dogs, specially Bullies, requesting and completing the request in a respectful manner is most effective. For example, if I ask Sir. Duke to give me back socks he has taken, I simply ask Sir. Duke to please give me back the socks. Once he tosses the socks to me, I thank him and say good boy.  I have found if my dogs are yelled at and told they are a bad dogs, they will run and make a game out of the item you want back or sneak around to do what the dogs want. 

Animals, specially Bullies,  have an higher intelligence than most people know or understand. Dogs learn best with love and consistent guidelines. Also, dogs will obey a command when a bond and trust that has developed. The best method to earn a Bullies trust is to lead by example on how to treat others. Since, Bullies have an amazing ability to learn through examples. Also, Bullies tend to reflect a person's personality and temper.

Thank you, pardon me
"Pardon me" says Sir. Duke. "After you" says Bojangles.
Sweet love
"This is the sweet Life, I love my Ry" says Bojangles.
Bojangles and Sir. Duke, "Us Bullies must stick together"

Please leave a comment letting us know if your animals reflect your personality. Also, does your animals display behavor that matches your mood? Let us know if you enjoy today's post.

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