Monday, April 18, 2016

Week One: Amazing and Sad Story of Skeletor Part One of Two

Starving Pit-Bull Rescue - Skeletor - Week One

Starving pit-bull rescue-skeletor-week one
Another loving, brave family opens their home to a soul in need. A life can change in an instant with one kind act. Would you be brave to help a soul in need? 

Meet Skeletor and his amazing story. Follow Skeletor and see how he fights against the odds and the monsters within. Witness his passion and appreciation for life. Watch him grow healthy with good food, fresh water, safe place to live, love and play!
Stay tune for week two story in our next post to see Skeletor's amazing recovery story. Please leave a comment. Let us know would you reach out and help a life in need or turn and look away. Why or why not. 

Sharing is caring. Please share to help us find homes for dogs in need, give a voice to the voiceless and spread fair treatment for all dogs.

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