Sunday, April 17, 2016

Swimming Lessons

Doggy Paddle: Hulk’s Adorable Pit Bull Puppies Learn To Swim

All dogs have a natural instinct to swim. Some are better swimmer then others. My dogs have learned to swim the same method I learned when I was a child , jump in and start swimming. 

When Sir. Duke was still just a few months old I had to help him swim. He would swim fine. Yet, he would swim as if he was riding a bike with his but facing down and his arms high on the handle bars. Two summer past before Sir. Duke started to swim properly. 

Now, Bojangles is a few months younger then Sir. Duke. Bojangles has not gone swimming. He is the first dog I have adopted that has not got into the water on his own. He stays on the shore with just his feet in the water. I am hoping to teach Bojangles this summer how to swim.  

I remember when I first rescued Angels in 2004. He acted as if he was going to drown in a ankles worth of water. Yet, after a few moments of me showing him, he realized he was safe and soon dive in with me. What is funny is Angel's breed is consider a water dog that has natural skills and desires for all body of water. Angel is a Flat Coat Labrador. He had been dumped by a breeder and was in a shelter since he was four weeks old. The breeder said he was a runt. Boy, Angel is big, he is over seven feet long, he is tall, and is a hundred pounds. I hate to see the normal size siblings of Angel. I adopted him when he was six months old. So, being exposed to water at a young age may make the difference.  

A strong swimmer can be natural, yet having some per lessons in a bath tub is a great method to insure a powerful swimmer. 

Please leave a comment. Does you dog swim? How well of a swimmer is your dog? Do you train your dog to swim or is swimming natural? Sharing is caring.

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