Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Bully Breed Maybe Over Five Thousand Years Old


I know a variety of breeds have been alive for thousands of years. The Bully was created years before America was discovered by England. There is a deep history about the Bully breed. Perhaps, the Molossus may had been one of the first Bully to help man hunt.

Amazing mankind is still creating new breeds. Also, not shocking, breeders are still trying to create the next gold rush through animals. New breeds, especially one that looks similar to a bully breed will become popular fast and will be expensive. Even though this video is interesting, I personally enjoy giving a home to a dog that is in need, not personally designed.

Pure blood breeds are in the eye of the beholder. All dogs are mixed with the ancient dog, the wolf. When I take a dog or a puppy in my home, one of the exciting aspect is watching the dog grow, asking what are you, and how big are you going to be. Even as great as the American Molossus is there are plenty of fantastic mutts and full breeds that need a home all around the world. The sad part, most fads for animals end up in a rescue shelters in need of a home alongside the mutts and full blood breeds.

So, consider a dog or puppy that is need of a home, regardless of the age. You may be surprised to see that there is six weeks old puppies to elderly dogs and in between that needs a home. There is all kinds of ages, full blooded breeds, and mutts to fit a person needs.  

Please leave a comment. Let us know what you prefer full blooded breeds, designed, or mutts. Let us know, do you agree with designing new breeds or caring for the ones we have now.

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