Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Dead Will Never Rest

Time does Not always Heal all Deep Wounds! 

The bully breeds are great for easing anxiety. The powerful love of a bully insures safety. The month of April I have hated all my life for several level of reasons. As I get older getting past April has become difficult.

First reason, my name, really! Why, did my parents not think ahead. April is wrong. April is not my month, despite popular jokes. 

Second, the birth of the guy they called Dad on April 20 1951. I don’t even know what to call him. Words could never describe the endless personalities he assumed to meet his personal needs. I shake and seek methods to forget, to let go, to not feel, or care. The heartache is unfamiliar, similar to a endless disgust, hate, or heartburn.

Third, the successful suicide of the guy they call dad on April 23, 2014. This was not his first attempt. He should had live the life he had created. Living his life would had been the sweetest punishment then any prison could offer. In which, I call him coward, loser, cheat, fraud and a endless amount of other unkind words. I am thankful I have Sir. Duke and Bojangles to get me through the hell month, life calls spring. The first day of life, April.

April sucks, bites and does not pass fast enough, yet my boys get me through each moment. My Bullies’ love pulls me through dreadful April. I share back to them all the kindness Sir. Duke and Bojangles gifts to me.   

Sir. Duke and Bojangles remind me there is still love, peace, fun, hope, and joy left in the world. Also, my boys keep me in the present moment where I know that the bad past does not create my present or future. No matter the moment life is worth living. Treating all of life with respect and love are essential to having a peaceful rich life. Suicide is not a solution, just another method to run and hide from what was created by personal choices.

A dog is great for helping anxiety
Sir. Duke always near to support me in time of need!
I need a hug
" I am here for you" said Bojangles.

I have a cuddle with my coffee
Our favorite moments in the morning!
Helping the underdog helps lesson the heartaches of life and brings light into a dark world. Please leave me a comment. Let me know has a animal help you through a tough time. Sharing is caring please share Bully devotion to help a dog in need.

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