Tuesday, May 24, 2016

2 dogs and 13 Puppies rescued in 15 Minutes

"They Went to the Shelter to Rescue 6 Puppies - But Watch What Happens Wh..."

Yep, the pups are cuter than the momma! Now, that's a Full House.
Yep, the pups are cuter than the momma! Now, that's a Full House

This incredible video reveals how two people can rescue a dog a minute. Watch this sweet video and learn how you can help several dogs as well within minutes. 

I love how this couple had just the six puppies in mind to rescue, yet they open their home and hearts to save 15 dogs. 

Every life serve a purpose. Yes, life is not perfect. The imperfection is what creates life's adventures. 

I love how the mother dogs and puppies look so much better after only a few days away from the shelter.

The shelters in the US are overcrowded. Always check your local shelter when you would like to love a dog or cat.

Sad a simple fee can cause so much harm to life. Life is greater than money. Please stand up and do the right thing for the animals.

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and Bully awareness, while helping find homes for dogs in need.

The Puppies are so cute in this video. A house full of puppies would be fun. I love Happy endings.

Leave a comment. Let us know would you take a house full of puppies that can start their own puppy football team?

Video found on youtube & vertexweb

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