Thursday, May 12, 2016

Children raised without humans

People going back to the wild

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Farrel kids raised by animals
Farrel kids raised by animals

I was looking for a trend today and I saw this trend on Top Trending on Yahoo search. At first, I thought sure, this is a fake. Then I remember a sociology class I took. I got curious.

 There has been cases throughout the history of man where a child is neglected and  animals, such as the dog, raises the boy or girl. The Jungle book was written after a famous child that was found that was raised by monkeys.

The child I found amazing was the girl that sounded and acted similar to the bird that was raising her.

Also, the escaped wolf boy is amazing. I wonder how he got out of the hospital unnoticed.

I wonder how the children end up in the wild with undomesticated animals. I imagine someone gives birth and leave the baby in the woods or jungle, wow. Yet, that is such a weird image. I wonder what are the ways babies are left in the wild unmissed for years.

The more we explore, the more bizarre life has become. Left with lots of wonders and questions. How are the kids now? How many kids are currently raised by animals? How did that boy learn to run so fast?

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