Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Frightening facts about McDonald

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Yep, How deep does the suffering go when McDonald is involved?
Yep, How deep does the suffering go when McDonald is involved? 

Yep, I am grateful McDonald does not cater to vegans or gluten free. Disgusting, I love knowing what other people are eating. One, thing for sure I am not missing out on anything good.

Alltime10s  reports: 
  1. Strange objects randomly show up in food. Yuck, what are they doing around the food. Disgusting! Condoms, really, yuck!
  2. "Chicken Head" A hole chicken head, what is up with that? Where is the food quality control? To cheap to buy the whole chicken, perhaps everything made out of chicken at McDonald is made only out  of the chicken's head, Yuck! Do you still want lunch at McDonald. 
  3. "Rat in salad" Did you order your salad with dead rat. Wow, what other foods are rats leaving presents and body parts in. Yes, that is disgusting! 
  4. "Syringe" I bet McDonald is cheap and buys at cheap slaughter houses. A syringe is probably mild to what really falls in or is put in the meat. 
  5. According to the video eating twice a week at a McDonald increases health risk and sexual problems. Oh, boy after all that disgust the prize is poor health. Yep, I am glad, I do not eat at fast food restaurants. 
  6. "Addictions" Yeah, I can see how people can be addicted to fast food. When I gave fast food up some years back, I missed it now and again. Yet, in time, I do not even think of fast food as a choice, unless I am making a fast food dish at home. 
  7. "Pink Slime" Yuck, is it really beef? Can we ever truly trust McDonald?
  8. "chicken nuggets is only 50% real meat. What is the rest of the meat, all fillers?
  9. Wood in the meat filer, yuck, yuck, yuck!
  10. Animals are grown on steroids on top of the poor fillers. 
  11. High calories no value in the food.
  12. Natural flavoring is made out of Bug butts, disgusting!!
  13. McDonald is not humane, they are cruel and laughing all the way to the bank with your money.
Knowing what we eat is a good thing. Knowing who, what, and how our foods are prepared is needed for good health.

Leave a comment. Do you care to know what you are eating? 

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