Saturday, May 14, 2016

Coping with Fears of Storms

The Sky is falling. Yep, the sky is fallen appear to be what Bojangles is thinking when a thunder storm hits. For whatever reason Bojangles has storm phobia.

The manner in which Bojangles shakes and insists me to hold him, you would think he was thinking the sky started a war and will blow all of us in the wake of the madness.

Picture created by Bully Love & Devotion 
Bojangles jumped to my side for safety!
Bojangles jumped to my side for safety! 
Sir. Duke has been sleeping with me since he was six week old. So, he normally does not allow Bojangles to sleep with us. No matter if I give the boys a treat and get Bojangles set in bed, Sir. Duke tells him to leave and find somewhere else to sleep.

Yet, this morning, right before the first loud thunder cracked, I heard Bojangles running across the wood floor. As the first thunder hit over the house, Bojangles jump up beside me without Sir. Duke permission.

Sir. Duke is a sweet guy. Even though he does not care to share  the bed with Bojangles, for a storm he made an exception to his rules.

Sir. Duke is not afraid of storms. Of course, he has always slept with me. So, Sir. Duke moved over and allowed space for Bojangles.

Picture created By Bully Love & Devotion
Sir. Duke at my feet this morning. 

I have look at several tips to see how to help Bojangles' storm phobia. I am doing all I can. I see he is improving with every storm.

Well, I am off to make breakfast for the Sir. Duke and Bojangles. They are having scramble eggs and chicken liver this morning. I had to wait for the storm to pass. Bojangles will not eat. The only thing he wants is me to talk to him and pat him, while telling him everything will be alright. I still suspect Bojangles has been through a scary storm outside alone is what has caused his phobia.

Love, patients, safe place to live, and time is what Bojangles needs. I wish I could give him more.

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