Monday, May 16, 2016

Sammy's Hot Spots are Improving

There is Hope for Sammy's Soft Pretty Coat!

Picture Created By Eve Hoffman
Pretty Sammy, she does not lke it when I make her sit for a picture!
Pretty Sammy, she does not lke it when I make her sit for a picture! 

The fresh food is helping Sammy. Her skin is starting to heal. Her fur coat is growing back. When I touch her, her skin is soft again.

Recently, we have added Turkey and Chicken liver to the dog's diet. They seem to be itching less. The dogs seem to be satisfied with the fresh food. Even my pickiest eaters do not complain these days.

Picture created by Eve Hoffman
Sammy Getting Better
Sammy getting Better! 

Picture Created By Eve Hoffman
Still needs some healing, yet she is looking better everyday!
Still needs some healing, yet she is looking better everyday! 

The  traditional dry food, no matter how expensive or natural, truly do not offer the same benefits as cooked or raw fresh foods. The foods’ nutrition is removed in the process. The cost for fresh food is not as high as well. Also, the amount needed for each dog is not as great.

As well as health benefits of giving the dogs fresh foods, I satisfy the pickiest eaters. When we cook Chicken, Turkey and liver.  We never have a  full or a dirty bowl.

Plus, making a variety of food with different veggies for the dogs is fun. Watching all them eating happily is another great reward.

We are going to add pinto beans to the dogs’ food, since Sir. Duke and Bojangles love beans. The beans will be  a great protein source while having less animal meat.

The beans should help Sammy’s skin as well. We may have some farting at first. We will see. The dogs already eat beans with us. I am a Vegan, so my main source of food is beans and the boys love me to share.

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to education and Bully awareness, while helping find homes for dogs in need.

If you would like to know the details in how I found fresh, farm, raised, good priced chicken and Turkey please leave a request in the comments. I will be happy to share the secrets for the benefit of the community.

Fresh food save us Money, while Sammy's hot spots are improving. Life is Sweet!! 

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