Thursday, May 26, 2016

Heartbreaking Moment in Humanity, the Kill Box

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Let's join the Movement, every one that joins us to help is another step closer to no kill box used on life!
Let's join the Movement, every one that joins us to help is another step closer to no kill box used on life!

Heartbreaking Moment in Humanity, The Kill Box In North Carolina, USA. I know this video is hard to watch, specially when the dogs cry, and whine for help. When the dogs try to escape the kill box is when I lose hope in humanity. Yep, this happened in North Carolina USA.

My heart is broken. I am sicken to see people grabbing life to kill just as they were picking up trash. None of those dogs deserve a life or death that includes a kill box. 

The sad part is the kill box is still utilized today. The kill box is not humane for human or animals. 

Despite these poor dogs not having a voice to cry out with, they attempt to plea for their lives to people that are too cold to take the time to notice. I wonder who is sponsoring kill shelters. Money always seems to motivate people to be so cruel and viscous acts. 

I do not know how these people live with themselves. I am at a loss of words when the dogs cry as the man gasses them. 

I did not know my heart could break more.They keep piling the poor dogs on top of each other until the bin is full. Afterwards, the city comes and takes the bin like a trash bin at a restaurant. 

I am not sure how we can stop this madness. I will look into the matter and see what I find. There is a link at the end of the video asking us to help there. Yet, when I check the link, PETA was the website. I do not trust PETA today, since they have up to a 98% kill rate for their shelters. Killing life is wrong. PETA supports killing animals. I did find a few links yet, the best so far is this link Please take the time and sign the petition. When I sign them, no one hassles me. So , please do not worry, no one will bother you. They just want to show the numbers, so change can occur to help the dogs to avoid the death box.

Please, at least always check the local shelter, including the kill shelter to help save a dog from a kill box while adding a new family member. 

Dogs are wiser then we know. The dogs understand what situations that do not have happy endings. Rescue dogs spend the rest of their life loving and being grateful. I have rescue dogs. The love is special.

You can hear the dogs cry and are aware of the situation up till their last breaths. Thank you for joining me to stop such cruelty and suffering.   

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and dog awareness, while helping find homes for dogs in need. 

Video created to Chibi Puppy

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