Sunday, May 29, 2016

Honor our Heroes For Memorial Weekend with Ten Heroic Dogs

"10 Heroic Dogs That Saved People's Lives | REAL LIFE HEROES"

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Being a hero is a two way street, let's be our dogs heroes as well
Being a hero is a two way street, let's be our dogs heroes as well!!

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Wow, amazing this dog lived and healed!
Wow, amazing this dog live and healed!

Happy memorial weekend. This weekend is a great time to member and thank all our heroes for our freedoms of choices, both humans and animals.

Real Life Heroes exposes ten wonderful heroes, including a few Bullies willing to sacrifice their lives, regardless if mankind returns love and respect. 

I hate when a dog becomes hurt or killed because of someone addictions. I am happy to know a Bully will jump in harms way, even when the harm is self afflicted and not worthy of a hero. 

Countless lives are saved because of war dogs. Real Life Heroes report a dog name Buster served to protect the USA saved "thousands of live". Wow, I wonder what amazing things these people will achieve in this life to honor all Busters's work and sacrifices. I know, just knowing about Buster has made me realize that we must honor all of our heroes that protect our past, present, and future.  

Also, Real Life Heroes reports a small dog looses part of his face while pushing a few kids out of the way of a motorcycle. Unfortunately, the Motorcycle ran over the dogs face, removing majority of the top jaw and part of the nose. Wow, that is crazy. My heart says to bad the kids did not think to keep their dog safe while safely crossing the street. This dog is a hero. Most of the dogs face is gone. This dog is lucky to be alive. I am not sure how lucky. Perhaps, this pup has a higher purpose that has not be fulfilled.  

Happy Memorial Weekend. Bully Love & Devotion is honored and appreciate all who has, is and will protect our freedoms and choices. 

Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and animals awareness, whiling honoring all our heroes and helping to find homes for dogs in need. 

Video credited to REAL LIFE HEROES

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