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More Lies Exposes PETA is NOT A Friend of the Pit Bull Or Bully Breed.

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Yep, my love, who needs Enemies when there is PETA
Yep, my love, who needs Enemies when there is PETA

More proof PETA is not a friend of the Bully Breed. Watch this amazing video. Observe how reporters ask the PETA representative about how they want to destroy all Bully breeds, and, specifically Pit Bulls, while the representative scrims, and gives a prepared answer that does not fit the questions.

I agree dogs should not be on chains, yet this is not the issue. Appears PETA wants to wipe clean the whole entire breed. Why PETA?

Hay PETA, not all people breed the Bully just for negative aspect, such as fighting.

Yes, there is a need to help the breed. Killing the breed off is not the answer. Even the shelters find lots of Dalmatians dumped off at shelters when the 101 Dalmatians movies are released. Should we wipe out all Dalmatian cause that breed is over bred and has issues as well?

A book can be written on the other breeds of dogs that are in shelters that mankind has had issues with. All PETA is doing is exploiting one aspect of the Bully breed for their hate campaign against the Bully Breed. PETA is a true racist. Also, PETA is a great example of speciesism

Fighting dogs can be rehabilitated. PETA does not know what they are talking about. Notice how PETA's representative avoids answering if all breeds are not able to be rehabilitated after being a fighting dog. What a Joke PETA. Where are your facts, PETA? We do not care for your opinions. PETA, your opinion is tainted by your speciesism and hate for life as a whole.

Breed legislation is another sign of speciesism. PETA, Why do not try to stop the breeding of cattle? The cows are forced to be pregnant by a man's arm and hand. The guy in the video is right, breed legislation does not work. We live in a free world PETA. The law will simply increase back yard breeders.

I agree people should adopt before they buy through a breeder. I also think people should eat at home and not fast food. Yet, again PETA, This is a free world. People have choices. Education and awareness is the key. Hate, restrictions, and laws is not the answer PETA.

The guy in the video makes a great point, PETA, judging life by appearance is wrong and another sign of your evil speciesism.

I agree, we need to educate people on how to care for the animals. I do not agree with having laws and controlled checkups. I see everyday mutt dogs that people say are family dogs that are uncared for and chained. PETA, why do not focus on education and dog awareness for all breeds. Oh, that's right, cause you, PETA, are a racist, and the species, the dog, is what you do not like.

This PETA representative looks meaner than a Bully. Yet, she is a specie that PETA likes, Sad!

Funny, this PETA representative is circling to avoid the truth to the questions. Appears the PETA representative enjoy eating her feet. Her prepared answer lack facts, quality, and substance.

I sure hope PETA does not plan to take well love Bullies from homes. Yet, I suspect they would do a Holocaust on the Bullies, and take all them to be destroyed. The PETA representative lies. PETA encourages the shelters to kill the Bully breed that appear to be a Pit Bull before adoption. Shame on you PETA. All life matters.

Look at the lady nasty look and the eye roll when she is called on when she is lying. PETA, the ugly truth about how you feel about the Bully breed is all over this lady's body and face expressions. PETA, your repetitiveness has some bad obvious ticks when she lies. The truth is obvious when your representative speaks. PETA, your lies will only go so far. The world will see the truth and the Bully breed will overcome the true Bullies of the world like you, PETA.

PETA, you cannot lie yourself out of this one. There is a written policy that express and proves your hate and desire that all Bully breeds that look like Pit Bulls will be killed in your shelters. Wow, I  am shocked at your hate towards some species and your love for others.

PETA, get a clue, the Pit Bull is not going away anytime soon. PETA , why do you not educate the world has you do for your beloved cows, pigs, circus animals, and chickens. Why not make laws that stop people from killing and abusing the Bullies. Oh, that is right, PETA, if you help create a law, than you could not abuse and kill Bullies.

This PETA repetitiveness avoids answering the question directly. Wow, the video is correct, perhaps we all should just commit suicide, so we can avoid suffering and not face a unknown life. After all, according to PETA, they want to kill all the Pit bull looking dogs to end suffering for the dogs.  Yeah right PETA.

Once, I thought PETA was awesome, and protected all life.

 Boy, I was wrong! Shame on me for trusting PETA. Shame on you Peta for being a racist and speciesism.

Sad, PETA hates the Bully breed so much they cannot admit 99% of the Bullies are loving and would be a great dogs for a loving family. Also, the 99% are taken from a homes and the only reason most dogs are in kill shelters that are Bullies is because of racism and speciesism.

That is sad, according to PETA one is guilty all is guilty. Yep, that is PETA's racism speaking not the love for life.

PETA representative said PETA is pro mutt. Yeah, right. Most of the dogs PETA lables as a Pit Bulll and has kiled is a mutt. Now, that is a lie, PETA. Like the video says, "look at PETA's actions not the words" PETA actions and written policy clearly states PETA wants all dogs that look like a Pit Bull dead.

Hay PETA, Pit Bull is NOT a breed. A pit bull is a mutt within the Bully Breed. So, PETA claims to protect the mutt, that is a lie. If PETA protected the mutts, they would protect the Pit Bull. All lies PETA. One more time, PETA, Pit bulls is a MUTT of the Bully breed NOT a breed!

PETA is a racist, they want to create discriminating laws and kill the species (Bully breed) they hate rather than help. Not surprised! Who needs enemies when you have a poser friend like PETA.

Sharing is caring. Please share Bully Love & Devotion to spread education and Bully awareness, while helping a dog in need of a home.

Love all of life including the Mutts that look similar to the Bully Breed.

PETA is not as moral as they claim to be. In fact, PETA is A moral. Shame on you PETA, you are not a friend to the animals. Perhaps, you are just a friend to creed and money. After all, I have never met a poor PETA member.

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