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Facts about The Bully Breed

Picture found at  www.lifewithdogs.tv
Learn the facts, not the lies and myths!
Original post 02/02/17

There are several myths and urban legends that are universally believed over the facts. The video from SLCo Animal Services/Pit Crew reveals the facts versus the myths about Pit Bulls.

What do the masses know about Pit Bulls, mainly lies and propaganda.  

The first myth the masses believe is a fact is Pit Bulls are "mean and Viscous." The video is correct, the truth is there are other breed that are non-bully that are consider family dogs does that are mean and viscous.

The second myth is funny and only true in horror films and fictional writing, the locking jaw. The truth is no Bully has no special power,. The Bully's jaw is the same as all other dogs.

The third myth "Pit Bull are naturally people aggressive and will attack at random is a urban legend. The Bully breed has shown throughout history love and loyalty to mankind. Irresponsible of dog parenting is the problem not the Pit Bull natural instincts.

The fourth myth, a Pit is unsafe and dangerous that comes from a shelter. This myth is sad and is killing countless innocent souls. The real truth is a Pit Bull that is rescued, loved and train will be the best family member. Shelters work hard to rehabilitate all dogs before adopting the dogs to a new family.  

Myth five "Pit Bulls do not feel pain" is sad and wrong. All Bully breeds feel physical and emotional pain. You can the see pain and sorrow in the Bullies body and facial expressions. Pit Bulls and the Bully breed do have the same nervous systems as all living life. Bullies do indeed feel pain.  

Myth six, Pit bulls is a breed. No, Pit Bulls are a type or category  within the Bully breed. That is one of many reason Bullies are hard to identify.

My heart breaks to see so many Bullies suffer because of bad myths. Help the Bully breed by spreading the truth about these amazing Pit Bulls and Bully Breed that still love mankind, despite the cruel treatments and ill concepts.

The video is correct,  the variety of bullies are the same as any dog or living life. The Bully breed does have basic needs of water, food, shelter, a safe place to live, love, and to love.

Update: 03/21/17

Back in the late eighties, I studies Animal science to become a Veterinarian Tech. When I took the class to receive my certificate I had to write a research paper. So, knowing the instructor did not like Pit Bulls, as well as I had a Pitt Bull myself, I decided to write a paper to prove to her that her hate was simple a personal opinion and should not be forced onto others. 

What I found amazed the instructor and myself. Many people then and now do not know that Pit Bulls have had a long loyal history with mankind. 

The American Pit Bull was introduce to America from England when the British settle back in the 1600's. Also, Pit Bulls were originally breed for hunting small pry, such as rodents. Furthermore, the Pit Bull was design for protection of live stalk. 

Also, in the 20th century the Pit Bull was the American mascot used for advertising of the American's idea of free, strong, and proud. The Pit Bull was consider to be trustworthy and utilized as nannies. Also, known as nursemaids due to the loving and caring manners of the Pit Bull's natural traits. Pit Bulls are consider the most trustworthy of dogs. Today, do to bad people and bad training, people have forgotten this fact. We should not judge the dog. No, we must look and see what is wrong with the person behind the dog. 

Another fun fact, due to the structure of a Pit Bull, the Pit Bull is consider to be the best fence climber among dogs. By personal experience I can say this is true.Bojangles can climb any fence he wishes without much thought. Also, Sir. Duke and Bojangles are very flexible and get into tight places,especially if there is a squirrel or opossum they are running after. I can see tree climbing in Bojangles future.   

Another funny fact Pit Bulls are consider the worse guard dogs since they are friendly to most people. I agree with this fact. I keep my Bullies in the house while I am away. I do have other breeds that I have has guard dogs, such as the German Shepard, since he is less likely to trust everyone. 

Stay tune for more fun facts to come.  

Love is caring. Caring is sharing. Please share today's story to help end the suffering for the all dogs that are listed as one of the Bully Breed.

Leave a comment. Tell me what is on your mind. Did you know that the Pit Bull has been around for a few hundred of years? 

Video vreated by SLCo Animal Services/Pit Crew!


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  2. Sometimes, profiling a dog breed is more dangerous. Stereotyping is bad and contributes to more ignorance. I've seen the list of the best bully dog breed and it's sadddening. I hope we can can put more information up so people will be aware of the list. I know that these dogs deserve our love and care, nonetheless. Here's a link to to more tips and information: http://dogsaholic.com/breeds/info/bully-dog-breeds.html

    1. Awesome. Thank you for sharing the link. Yes I agree with you awareness is needed that profiling dogs and life in general is dangerous. A person should always be open to the truth and not blinded by a stereotype. Plan to add soon. Thanks again for your feed back.

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    1. Thanks.I do need to figure how to create traffic for my blog. I stop updating due to lack of interest.


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