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New Bully Love & Devotion Babies

Meet The New Hoffman's Babies

Picture created by Bully Breed Passion
Getting to know each other!
Getting to know each other!

We have not name them yet. We are always open to suggestion and would love to hear from everyone! 

This is the first entry of the new page. Visit to learn more and witness the daily updates.
  1. Baby chicks, First day!

Our first moment we will begin with is our new members to the Bully Breed Passion family, Baby chicks.

The chicks are only a few days old. I am not sure what the breed of chicks are, one is black with a little white and the other one is a pretty brown with speckles of colors. I do know they are hens. The feed store marks them now.

Sir. Duke is familiar with baby chicks. I hand raised four when he was around a year old. This will be Bojangles first experiences with baby chicks. So far, so good, of course under supervision.

We originally got two Rhode Island Red and two black speckled with white a year oh so back.

I had no problems with my chickens until I rescued Bojangles. Sir. Duke and Bojangles killed one of my laying hens and injured one hen after I rescued Bojangles. They tag team when they hunt.

So, now I lock the dogs in for a few hours at a time and allow yard time for my chickens. I am grateful we made them a cope that was too big. My Rhode Island red hen lays close to a dozen and half of  brown large eggs each week in which the dogs enjoy. The hen still will not lay on her eggs, other wise I would have more baby chicks.

So, like I said, I started out with four. I was told the chicks were hens. Nope, I had two roosters and two hens.

Well, as the roosters reached six months of age, they no longer played nice. So, my husband took the red roaster that attack him and donated him to the coyotes. I know, I would not allow that again. A farmer would had been better maybe.

I tried to give away the rooster and hen to a neighbor. She cut both of their wings and on the third day the rooster figured out how to fly home and hide in his cope that he lived in most of his life. They were hand raised in the house for the first four months by me. So I kept them and made safe rules for both the chicks and the Bullies.

My chickens are another reason I do not eat meat or chickens. For me, eating a life I had raised and still trust me is immoral and cruel. Chickens are similar to cats, full of personality and love in a chicken manner. Attacking the chickens is natural for the dogs, not personal.

Well, Bojangles is the hunter. I must train him to understand the chickens are family, not to be eaten. Sir. Duke, I do not have a problem when it comes to the cats and the chickens, specially babies. He surprisingly prefers veggies and fruit over meat sometimes. Not Bojangles, he is selective with what fruit and veggies he eats, he is a meat eater.

Meet the new chicks. I have not named them yet.

I named all my original chickens. The rooster is named Einstein, since he is smart from even a few days old. My red hen is named pretty girl. She had the most beautiful colors when she was just a few days old. I had name the other hen King, since she acted like a rooster and Chicken Little for the rooster we had since he was so small at a few days old. I still miss him and wish I could had kept Chicken Little.

Next moment is to name the chicks.  Stay tune to see what we name the new Hoffman girls. We try to name them off of the personality of the animals or what inspires us.

Join here First moment with Bully Breed Passion  and watch our chicks grow daily.  Let's see if there are any life secrets we can learn through the eyes of our new baby chicks.

They will be hand raised in the house for 4-6 weeks or until they can live with the rooster and hen out in the cope outside.
Picture created by Bully Breed Passion
This Eisenstein and Pretty Girl. The rooster will not be nice to the babies, he is very protective of his one and only girl left!
This Eisenstein and Pretty Girl. The rooster will not be nice to the babies, he is very protective of his one and only girl left!

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